Aww Nuts!

I just read about a study that makes the case for eating nuts. I quote:

“In a study of 4822 Chinese adults aged 55+ years, researchers found that eating more than 10 grams of nuts a day was positively associated with better mental functioning, including improved thinking, reasoning and memory.”


No, no, no, not those kind of nuts. And thank you Billy Bob.


No! Not that kind of nut either.

download (1)

There we go! The study went on to say that “Lead researcher, UniSA’s Dr Ming Li, says the study is the first to report an association between cognition and nut intake in older Chinese adults, providing important insights into increasing mental health issues (including dementia) faced by an ageing population.”

And: “”By eating more than 10 grams (or two teaspoons) of nuts per day older people could improve their cognitive function by up to 60 per cent- compared to those not eating nuts — effectively warding off what would normally be experienced as a natural two-year cognition decline.”

As well as: “The UniSA study analysed nine waves of China Health Nutrition Survey data collected over 22 years, finding that 17 per cent of participants were regular consumers of nuts (mostly peanuts). Dr Li says peanuts have specific anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects which can alleviate and reduce cognitive decline.

“Nuts are known to be high in healthy fats, protein and fibre with nutritional properties that can lower cholesterol and improve cognitive health,” Dr Li says.

“While there is no cure for age-related cognition decline and neurogenerative disease, variations in what people eat are delivering improvements for older people.” End quotes.

So if these researchers are on to something, a dose of nuts a day may help keep the dementia away. I don’t know about you, but I eat nuts fairly regularly. Usually peanuts, honey roasted, and most often through the winter months. I don’t know why I just seem to have a craving for them this time of year, so we usually have some nuts in the house (besides the people who live here.)

I seem to recall through the years that any time we visited family as a kid, they more often than not had nuts in the house through the winter months. I’m curious now if there is just something about our makeup that craves nuts in the winter…? Have any of you noticed this trend in your travels?




10 thoughts on “Aww Nuts!

  1. Hello Shelldigger. When I was younger I was often told I was nuts. However these days I would need far more than two teaspoons of nuts to help my mental deficiencies. Maybe about a pound or two a day? There is only so much help for the loopy. πŸ™‚ Hugs


    • I think we are all a little nuts Scottie. Else we’d not have survived this long.

      Maybe we could get you a nut IV? πŸ˜‰ I know we’d need a dump truck load a week to keep up with our deficiencies around here.

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  2. I eat nuts regularly … can’t you tell by all my highly intellectual comments?

    BTW, this is a Chinese study. Does that mean I would need some Chinese heritage to benefit from nuts? Or do I need to eat Chinese nuts to benefit? Or will just plain nuts help? How about if I know someone who is nuts?

    Ya’ know… maybe I should stop while I’m ahead.

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    • I think we all know someone who is a wee bit nuts. πŸ˜‰

      My wife has a (pediatric) patient with some sort of rare syndrome where they actually have wee bit nuts…

      If you stop while you are ahead, does that ever mean you need to go when you are behind?

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  3. We tend to eat a lot of nuts but I don’t think it’s had the desired effect. . .

    We were in South Carolina once and bought boiled peanuts from a vendor. Of course we thought that was just the neatest thing! We ate them all the way home and just tossed the shells on the floor of the old car. What a mess when we got home but it was worth it! We loved the taste of them.

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    • Fresh boiled peanuts are awesome.

      Sometimes just letting your hair down and making such a mess (even when you know it has to be cleaned up later,) is a most rewarding experience. Sounds like it was a fun road trip πŸ™‚

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  4. I think nuts are healthy. 🐿 The Chinese are never wrong.


  5. Carmen should come visiting this side of the equator for boiled peanuts. I am certain she would love them.
    Mak goes off to eat nuts


    • I love those darned things! We had never heard of anything like that but we developed a taste quickly! Yes, I need to come there – I agree, Mak! πŸ™‚


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