The Things We Learn From Our Children

My youngest just turned 16, got his drivers license two days ago, then landed a job at the golden arches yesterday. I have been running around for the last couple of days taking care of insurance issues because of our new driver/job holder, and pardon me for a moment while I feel some pride for my son… Got a job the day after his license, damn.

Anyway, this youngster loves to get his laughs from internet memes (maybe he will be a JZ or a Scottie some day) and he showed me a video yesterday that made me lol. This video is supposed to be a representation of every online gaming argument ever. But I think it trancends that particular category and might cover every argument between theists and atheists ever. Take a look and tell me if you think I’m right πŸ™‚ Even if I’m wrong, I found it hilarious.


EDIT: May Not Be Suitable For Work!

21 thoughts on “The Things We Learn From Our Children

  1. Seems like the way some conversations go these days. Congratulation to your son on his accomplishments. Best wishes. Hugs

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  2. ROFLMAO!!! And there ya go. Deep philosophical internet social-media engagements and debates we see on Facebook and now that we have the “Leader” of the free-world on Twitter… how people and nations have “news conferences” and diplomatic negotiations. 🀣

    Shell, that was f*ckin’ hilarious. Thank you.

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  3. That’s fucking hilarious.
    Congratulations to the young one


    • While it is somewhat rude and crude, it is at the same time brilliant, with great comedic timing.

      Probably digging deeper than need be here, but I really like the separation by water as a representation of long distance by internet…

      Today, the youngster drives himself to school for the first time, and reports to work @ 4:00. It is 5:15 AM here and he ia already up getting his shower.


  4. Hilarious! I see the water separation as the internet, too. It’s SO much easier to literally or metaphorically shout FUCK YOU to someone over the internet. Theists do it almost every time they argue with nonbelievers.


    • It is too easy to want to show your ass when you are arguing against a complete disregard for facts and reason, and are up against an aggressive, snide, repulsive attitude. It can make you want to go where this video is pretty quickly.


  5. Never played online against other people, but those do ressemble my words as i play games πŸ™‚

    So, drivers license, job… might mean he get’s drunk for the first time this weekend?


  6. A big laugh on that one, shell digger. πŸ™‚

    Ahh. .the rites of passage, eh? Good for him!! (Now you’ve another reason to nail-bite. . . )


    • Glad you liked it Miss Carmen, I was afraid it might ruffle the ladies a bit. I am glad you found it funny πŸ™‚

      Nailt biting… To a degree, yes. As a parent I will be concerned, but I know I have to give him the space to grow up, and we have good insurance! πŸ˜‰

      I also know I’ve done about all I can do showing him how to drive safely, and keep a keen eye out for morons and deer. And moronic deer. (Friggin deer!)


      • One thing about it, they get to have all their scrapes with their parents’ vehicles, which teaches them respect for the one they’ll pay for some day with their own dollars. πŸ™‚

        P.S. I’t’s very difficult to ‘ruffle’ me.


        • Lol! Ain’t that the truth. My truck bears the marks of the right of passage from the last brat that was driving it. I put a teeny little spot on the rear bumper myself… Overall it’s still a pretty decent truck though πŸ™‚ For now.

          Okay, good, sometimes the guy humor can be off putting to the gals, I am at least concious of that, even if I may cross the line a bit πŸ™‚


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