E Cig Flavors Toxic To White Blood Cells

Who needs white blood cells anyway?

I know to a smoker, or a vaper (is that a word?) there is nothing worse than an ex smoker harping on the ills of the habit. Well I have been of the opinion from the advent of vaping that trading one addiction method for another is somewhat ridiculous and that the side effects of vaping are relatively unknown. Why make yourself a lab rat?

While the ingredients in vape juice are considered safe to eat, there is a misconception that those chemicals are safe to breathe. Well, not so much. I quote:

“Previous studies show that flavors used in e-cigarettes cause inflammatory and oxidative stress responses in lung cells. Users of e-cigarettes also show increased levels oxidative stress markers in the blood compared to non-smokers. The new study extends this to assess the effects of commonly used flavoring chemicals, as well as e-liquids without nicotine, directly on immune cells — namely, a type of white blood cell called monocytes.

Exposure to the e-cigarette flavoring chemicals and e-liquids led to higher production of two well-established biomarkers for inflammation and tissue damage mediated by oxidative stress. Furthermore, many of the flavoring chemicals caused significant cell death — with some flavors being more toxic than others.”

Also relevant:

…”while the flavoring compounds tested may be safe for ingestion, these results show they are not safe for inhalation. “Cinnamon, vanilla and butter flavoring chemicals were the most toxic but our research showed that mixing flavors of e-liquids caused by far the most toxicity to white blood cells.”

And finally:

“Our scientific findings show that e-liquid flavors can, and should, be regulated and that e-juice bottles must have a descriptive listing of all ingredients. We urge regulatory agencies to act to protect public health.”

I could not agree more. There is way too much we do not know about inhaling the chemicals in vape juice. Again, why be a voluntary lab rat? At least we know what tobacco will do to you.



10 thoughts on “E Cig Flavors Toxic To White Blood Cells

  1. Vaper wants to autocorrect caper, and that means an activity or escapade, typically one that is illicit or ridiculous. Hence, vaping. Lol. I have never tried it. I get the feeling vaping irritates you?

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    • Only the notion of people lining up to experiment on themselves bothers me.

      Wait, yes vapers do bother me when they release huge obnoxious clouds of vape that waft my way. I don’t want to breathe that shit. Also, I had a brat that vaped for a while, he used in the car, that crap builds up a nasty, stinking, oily residue that is a PITA.

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  2. I have a follow-up question. How much damage do these vaping flavors do, as compared to the damage done by tobacco? Even if vaping does damage, would someone who is a heavy smoker still be better off vaping? I didn’t see anything in the linked article that would help a smoker compare the risks. And are there any dangers in “second-hand vape”?

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    • That’s a good question. I certainly don’t have a good answer.

      Here is my take though, I’d rather go with old fashioned tobacco, we already know the risks involved. Cancer, COPD, amputations, etc.

      Vaping is too new to know what is going to happen long term. Why would anyone willingly be a lab rat, and pay for the honor of being a lab rat?

      I was a commercial diver (old diver tale warning!) for many years. Harvested freshwater mussels for the cultured pearl industry. The shell were shipped to Japan/China for the making of the nuclei to be inserted into oysters. The shell is pretty much 100% mother of pearl, which itself has a very high calcium carbonate makeup. Calcium carbonate is a very benign substance, but the people churning out pearl nuclei were breathing the airborne dust. The airborne dust causes all kinds of problems. I was told by a buyer with close Chinese contacts, that informed him many died from it. 3rd hand info, but I won’t be grinding/cutting shell anytime soon.

      Moral of the story… don’t be putting stuff in your lungs that has unknown potential side effects.

      I did a story a while back, I think it touched on second hand vape, and just as with tobacco, not a good idea. At least that’s my recollection after a long day.

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  3. Since every hospital has a protocol for treating patients for “smoke inhalation” intended to save their lives I consider the practice risky at the least.

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  4. I don’t smoke cigarettes or vape. Nope. What I do is get a small amount of nuclear waste, cram it into a pipe, and smoke that! See, I figure if I’m gonna kill myself by inhaling shit never meant to be inhaled, why not inhale the most damaging thing possible? It’s my right as an American, god dammit! πŸ™‚

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  5. An addict is an addict is an addict …

    Makes no difference what the substance is or how much damage it causes to the body/brain.

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