Is It National Elect A Pervert Day?

Only time will tell. The people of Alabama will soon show their stripes.

Praise the lard! Let some backlash of sanity envelop us all! Let us drive the ebil from our midst! Let the people see the error of the Republican parties ways! Let them vote as sane and rational people and not puppets of Faux News and the lying orange haired evil one!

Too much to ask for eh?

But on a positive note I’m halfway to becoming a hellfire and brimstone preaching preacher, I just have to get this whole believing in an invisible friend thing straightened out.

14 thoughts on “Is It National Elect A Pervert Day?

  1. There’s no money in hellfire anymore. Go with prosperity gospel. Mr Osteen was telling his followers that if they’re not wealthy yet, they’re not ready yet to receive god’s blessings and told them “give me 4 years of your total dedication to the lord and when you come out the other side you’ll be ready to receive “. He got these dumbasses to commit their wallets to him 4 years! Hello? Start your own business, educate yourself, develop a skill? That’s how it really works, and it takes about that long to achieve those goals. Duh


  2. I’ve a sad feeling Moore will win in a landslide, but I sincerely hope I’m wrong.

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  3. Based on your brief sermon, I think you’d make a GREAT preacher. You just need to remember the part about letting the lard BLESS you when the collection plate comes around.


  4. Praise be to Thor! Jones won! A Democrat won in ALA-FUCKIN’-BAMA! 2018 elections can’t come soon enough.


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