Our Country Needed This

Alabama has spoken. We will not have (an outed) pervert on the Senate. We needed a course correction, I hope this serves as a beacon to the rest of our country come election next year.

Hallelujah! I wish I had done a sermon before Trump got elected πŸ˜‰

I am thrilled at the prospect of tomorrow with this result. The wave of sanity that swept Alabama, needs to sweep the country and let’s fix what has been broken. Oh and send as many of these R shysters as far into jail as the evidence leads us.

I will sleep a little better tonight. Though there is still a long way to go…


23 thoughts on “Our Country Needed This

  1. You must sleep better tonight and celebrate with a toast when you wake up


    • I may celebrate with a toast this evening. I am still feeling pretty good about this particular election.

      Still, far too many asshats voted to put the pervert in office. No matter how much I really like the outcome, there is still the fact that so many people, and the R party, are willing to sell out their country for a conservative ideology as well as the rape the country and the people in it R agenda. Which is regretful.

      Still agreat step in the right direction last night.


  2. Phew! Things aren’t quite as bad as they were yesterday. Let’s hope the momentum keeps going!


    • I am of the same mind miss Nan πŸ™‚

      I was watching MSNBC last night as the results were filtering in. Moore had the lead early (somewhere around 40k vote lead) and I was fairly irritated/disgusted with mankind. I didn’t even want to watch anymore of it and changed the channel. Then the wife was like “put it back!” So I went back, and we watched, and slowly but surely Jones started creeping back up in the vote count. It began to feel like I was watching a horse race and the horse I had money on caught up with the pack on the third turn. Then as they hit the last stretch Jones lead continued to grow. Then Jones crossed the finish line by a nose. It was fairly intense there for a little while lol.

      Did anyone hear any hooting and hollering from the direction of Tennessee? πŸ™‚


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