Off With Their Heads!

Well, this is still a democracy, maybe no longer a respectable democracy, but nonetheless I guess we can’t be lopping off the heads of government officials. Maybe a public flogging? No? How about dragging the four Musketeers straight off to jail for obstruction?

For anyone who has been paying attention, you are aware that yesterday four of our esteemed upper echelon members of government were moderately grilled for answers about our Presidents meddling in the Russia investigation in front of the Senate. All four refused to answer questions for what amounts to personal reasons. They had no legal requirement to not answer the questions. They had no one holding guns to their heads demanding they do not answer the questions. They simply refused because they didn’t feel like it was ok to answer these questions in a public format, and they were towing the party line instead of respecting their oath of office.

They are all guilty of the same charge that our Orange Pumpkinhead President is guilty of. Obstruction. They should each and every one be dismissed from their positions. Stripped of any pensions or other notable perks, and be put in jail. At least that is how I feel about it.

When this enormous shit storm finally subsides, I honestly hope that the Republican party is destroyed beyond repair. This last year has shown that there is no such thing as a Republican with honesty and integrity as virtues. I am absolutely disgusted with my country. Disgusted with our President. Disgusted for being dragged through the cesspool along with everyone else due to the actions of our government officials.

National Security Agency Director, Michael Rogers.

Director of National Intelligence, Daniel Coats.

Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein.

FBI Director, Andrew McCabe.

Remember those names. Remember how they responded in front of a Senate inquiry. Remember what they and our President have done to our country. Remember when it comes time to vote.

Oh, Comey is set to testify today! Popcorn, and plenty of snacks & drinks at my place!

15 thoughts on “Off With Their Heads!

  1. I have heard great minds become say stupid things in support of their masters. Don’t be disgusted by politicians or their stooges. It happens all the time.


    • You know, the usual political scandal, the guy who can’t keep his pecker in his pocket, the guy who skims from the top, the guy who uses his position as leverage, these things I see as run of the mill scandals. What we are witnessing is a brazen cover up from the top down involving who knows how many people. I have to think this situation is unprecedented. I see people with opportunies to do the right thing and they tow the party line. I can’t help but be disgusted man. But I have plenty to do to keep me occupied, just don’t know how long I can hold out before I blow a gasket.


  2. At a bare minimum they should be held in Contempt of Congress, which is the ordinary way this was handled B.T. (Before Trump),

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  3. I’ve always hated Republicans, but this complete disregard for our country they are displaying is insane. I truly hope a whole shit-load of them go to prison. I hate the bastards.


    • I haven’t always hated R’s. The spineless cowards, the underhanded tactics, the complete lack of integrity, the lying through their teeth every time a mouth opens, the brazen cover ups that know know bounds, the ridiculous ploys of distraction, the pathological liar of a president, the chants of “lock her up” due to a friggin private e-mail server and they are pulling this shit? The list goes on and on and on. This is what has me feeling much as you do.


  4. I agree. I found the reason the four gave for not answering, they did not feel comfortable answering in a public setting, and would answer in a private setting, disturbing and terrifying. To me it says a few things. First they were so afraid of retribution from tRump and his supporters they wanted a way to say they were taken out of context or deny they said something. They wanted anonymity. So we have a thug brigade causing people and high ranking officials from reporting to authorities criminal activity. The other thing I think it means is these people are afraid they may piss off the high money people they hope will hire them for fake jobs they can use to get millions of more money. They seem to be working for future gains than to protect the people. A sad spectacle for teaching kids. Thanks for a great post. I hope you hang in there long enough to really blast the tRump and crew on your blog. Hugs


    • They are exactly working for future gains. To hell with the constitution. To hell with the country. Just “take what we can get, anyway we can get it, and damn anyone who gets in the way.” This is our Republican party.

      A terrible spectacle for teaching the children, unless you are teaching them what not to do and need perfect examples.

      I suppose more blasting is coming, I just don’t know when or where or how it will hit me lol πŸ™‚

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    • Oh, and what they aren’t telling, because of the public eye is indeed concerning. Why so many who are unwilling to speak publicly?

      Curious indeed.

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  5. I still struggle to come to terms that this bloke is actually a US President!
    It defies all previously held ideals of what the US head of state should be.

    In fact, looking at the news or You tube is like watching a poorly made reality TV show!
    But worse, is what is says about those who voted him into power and the Republicans for making him their nominee!

    In fact, Trump and Zuma could probably do one of those Holiday Exchanges and providing they stayed indoors no one would notice!


    • This whole presidential fiasco is like watching a train wreck in super duper ultra slow-mo. It is painful.

      It is also IMO disgusting.

      Yes, it says much about those who voted T, and says a great deal about those who want to stay in power. The fact that NONE of the R’s have stepped back and said “hey wait a minute, do we really want to follow this guy?” speaks volumes of their integrity. Apparently integrity and the R party is an oxymoron.

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      • In South Africa the Party are abe to recall the President if they don’t like what he’s doing. The ANC did this to former President,Thabo Mbeki before electing Jacob Zuma. However, he has turned out to be one of the world’s biggest and most corrupt arseholes and still he has not been forced to step down.
        Can this not be done to Trump to force him to resign?


        • I have no idea what legal recourse we have here. I imagine impeachment is about as far as we can go. I am not sure.

          I sure as hell won’t be happy till I see Trump and every single one of lying ass appointess hauled off in shackles.

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