Old Diver Tales

I was just over at WEIT, one of my regular web site stops, (I didn’t call it a blog!) and there was a story posted about a Japanese diver and a fish friend of his that has been the result of a very long friendship. 25 years this guy has visited his fishy friend which is an amazing story.

It reminded me of my fish friend story, so I shared it over there. Then since Mak came in and dusted the cobwebs out of my blog I figured I’d share it here. (Check is in the mail Mak) Here is what I shared over there:

“I was a commercial diver in Tn. for 30 years. A harvester of freshwater mussels, and now my handle might make sense πŸ™‚

Anyway, one day I was working fairly shallow, and quite often game fish would use my activities (disturbing bottom features, and causing bait species to scatter) as a hunting opportunity. I have seen some huge bass using this tactic. But this day a small bass was piddling around in front of me, its movements slow, lethargic, and when it made a pass exposing its bad eye, I could see it was completely hazed over due to cataract. (it happens to bass a lot I hear) But it occurred to me this little fellow was very hungry. I had no shortage of shell, so I cut one open with my dive knife ond offered the meat up to the little guy. It took it with great enthusiasm. So I fed it till it looked like it might burst.

That fish actually started rubbing up against me, swimming in front of my mask looking at me with its good eye, and followed me everywhere I went like a happy puppy dog for the duration of that dive. A unique experience, of many, I’ll never forget.

This story inspired me to share. :)”



10 thoughts on “Old Diver Tales

  1. That is a great story, shelldigger. Put a big smile on my face. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I met a commercial diver up in the Great Barrier Reef. His nickname was biscuit due to how many reef shark had bitten him.


    • Damn! That’s one thing about freshwater diving, most of the fish ain’t got the kind of teeth you will find in the sea.

      If I had the nickname biscuit because of being bitten by sharks, I’m not sure I’d have still been a commercial diver. I can tell you though diving in and of itself is highly addictive…so maybe. πŸ™‚

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  3. A great memory. Shows the power of kindness. You may have saved a life. Grand. Hugs


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