Epic Fail

Less than 24 hours after Trumps attack on a Syrian airbase, combat flights resumed.

So we have a pathological liar, a pussy grabber, a sleaze ball wanna be politician, a very little petty man wearing petty pants that are way to big for him, probably a damned traitorous colluder with a foreign govenrment, and a total fucking loser for a president.

Go USA! Rah..rah… oh fuck it, I’d like very much to be living somewhere else at the moment. Has it been four years yet?


5 thoughts on “Epic Fail

  1. Just like the failed (underplanned, rushed) SEAL raid which got one American kid killed and killed a dozen innocent children on the ground.


    • Yes an epic fail just like that. Except they played that one up as a big win and paraded the dead guys wife around at a presidential address to make it even more despicable.

      Of course they played this one up too in an attempt to make chocolate pie out of shit. Lots of people love shit pie apparently.

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  2. I just wish there was a secret room in the White House where new Presidents can go and their are sabers hung on the walls. Pick one up and rattle it a bit. Do another. Good? Fine, now go back to work.

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  3. What a piece of shit loser he is.


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