With A Fox In The Henhouse…

The first thing he wants to accomplish is make sure the farmer isn’t looking.

The Republicans have just gutted the Independent Ethics Office.

Gee, I wonder why?

Can you say step one to a successful dictatorship?


22 thoughts on “With A Fox In The Henhouse…

  1. I was stunned that the party of “personal responsibility”, the party that claims the moral high ground, the party the Christian religious groups support so soundly, is the party that doesn’t want any ethics oversight. ( sarcasm ) They not only don’t want oversight, but they are making it a rule that no information about violations and criminal activities can be realised. They have not only had their authority , their ability to stop and punish corruption taken away, but they have been muzzled. They can not speak of what they know, suspect, they can’t even have a spokes person. Thanks for posting this. I think it is vital. Hugs

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  2. “With all that Congress has to work on, do they really have to make the weakening of the Independent Ethics Watchdog, as unfair as it may be*, their number one act and priority,” Trump asked over Twitter the morning after the surprise and secretive move by the House GOP. (*emphasis mine)

    “Focus on tax reform, healthcare and so many other things of far greater importance!” he added.

    Sure, dismantle it. So long as you have your priorities in order.

    The thing is they can now focus on tax reform, healthcare and so many other things unimpeded by pesky little things like, ethics. Because it is just so unfair to be held accountable by a third party.

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  3. And yet Trump criticized the move. This is going to be hilarious.

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  4. Infighting between President Orangeman and the GOP Congress weeks before he’s even sworn into office. Yeah, this is gonna be ugly, entertaining, and very, very destructive. Ugh.

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  5. Well I just got home from being out chasing down a rental car, and cleaning out my Altima. They decided they might total the car. Might? What the devil do you do with a maybe totaled car? Guess I’ll find out…

    Anyway Thanks all who dropped in and commented πŸ™‚ It looks like they may reverse this little snafu, I sure hope they do. But I’ll betcha a buck and a quarter this is the kind of trend we will be seeing. Every single thing you could not possibly imagine these assholes would do, they will. Or at least try.


  6. Ugh. That’s all I can muster.


  7. Yes, and it’s highly disturbing. Gosh, how did it come to this …


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