Can’t You Just feel The Love?

Someone hooked up their vehicle, via a chain, to an atheist display in Fla. and dragged it to the ground. Severely damaging the display.

Now I have to wonder if this is a hate crime? If an atheist did the same to a x-ian display I’d bet you there would be an enormous outcry, heads would roll. Thing is most of us atheists recognize a religions right to exist, we just reserve our right to believe they are ridiculous.

The religious folks figure we are all nasty heathens headed for hell anyway so we are prime pickings for their displays of hate. I mean love, wait which one is it again?

I am sure there is a massive manhunt on for the perpetrators. Right?

An atheist display on public property has every right the religious display has to be there. But we all know the score here, don’t we? I am so feeling the love. I mean hate. The one thing the religious are good at is hating anything and everything that does not conform or concede to their particular beliefs. This is a fine example of that.

Some good stuff in this article I highly suggest checking it out. The hypocrisy is abundant.

11 thoughts on “Can’t You Just feel The Love?

  1. Great post! Those religious nuts need to get a serious grip. I don’t mind religion, but when someone is trying to shove it down my throat, then I have a problem. They need to mind their own f*&king business!


  2. That is so much love I can feel it from here.
    I don’t know how I feel about atheist displays or religious ones for that matter.


  3. Makes me feel all warm ‘n bubbly. Danged hypocrites.


  4. If the “Christians” would just stay in their churches, we’d all be happier. They could sing their songs, nod their heads at the sermon, hug their fellow believers and just have a grand ole’ time.

    But noooo … they have to get out and ram their beliefs down everyone’s throat. And then when it’s tit-for-tat, they can’t handle it.


    • Exactly! With them it is strictly conform or concede. There is no in between. And you are correct, any time anyone tries to show them there is an in between they cannot handle it.

      They must have it their way of else.

      As you mention, and I’m sure most of us would agree, they can pretty much do as they damn please at home, in their churches, in their cars, and we won’t give a whit. Just damn near anywhere except public places. Schools, court houses, and the like. That ain’t good enough for them.


  5. This reminds me of the saying that starts ” religion is like a penis ….” . You know I don’t get to claim the police are harassing me or persecuting me if they stop me for flagrantly speeding. I don’t get to claim unreasonable violations of my rights if my boss won’t pay me for not working and staying at home. Why do the religions get away with this stuff. And not all religions. Only some get away with it. The world has become bizzaro world, where everything is the reverse of what is said or done. They don’t get to beat you so your are infringing on their rights. I simply don’t understand it. I think it has something to do with privilege. They have had a unreasonable privilege for so long that to find curbs on it now is blowing their minds. Sort like the response some white people have to being shown examples of white privilege, or when they feel like they are losing it. What I find strange is their insistence in having the right to spread their religion in public classrooms when they admit openly they do not support other people’s religious views being mentioned in schools. For example one of the PTA leaders wanted the teacher who sponsored the monument to be fired. Not because he had preached his views in the class rooms but simply because he had them. She felt that just the kids knowing a teacher had non-christian views was grounds for the teacher being removed from the classroom or being around kids. Did anyone see the hit job Bill O’reilly did on the teacher? He sent the stalker Waters to ambush him, in front of kids as he was trying to go into the school. That should be so illegal for them to do. I know O’reilly was furious when someone did it to him. Hugs


    • Yes it is privilege with a capital P. They believe that because everyone in their little clan are of a hive mind that every damn one else should behave as they see fit. There is no room in the tribe for outsiders who might disagree at any level.

      We are not small hunter gatherer communities anymore. I guess they haven’t received the memo.

      I was not aware of the media hit job on the teacher, but boy let me tell ya, it does not surprise me one iota.

      Same goes for the teacher who thought the guy should be fired. When this is their modus operandi, how can we be surprised? Disgusted, yes. Surprised…nope.

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