Can’t You Just feel The Love?

Someone hooked up their vehicle, via a chain, to an atheist display in Fla. and dragged it to the ground. Severely damaging the display.

Now I have to wonder if this is a hate crime? If an atheist did the same to a x-ian display I’d bet you there would be an enormous outcry, heads would roll. Thing is most of us atheists recognize a religions right to exist, we just reserve our right to believe they are ridiculous.

The religious folks figure we are all nasty heathens headed for hell anyway so we are prime pickings for their displays of hate. I mean love, wait which one is it again?

I am sure there is a massive manhunt on for the perpetrators. Right?

An atheist display on public property has every right the religious display has to be there. But we all know the score here, don’t we? I am so feeling the love. I mean hate. The one thing the religious are good at is hating anything and everything that does not conform or concede to their particular beliefs. This is a fine example of that.

Some good stuff in this article I highly suggest checking it out. The hypocrisy is abundant.

The Rage Against Women Continues

When is the last time you had a WTF? moment? For me it was just a little while ago when I saw this on my Iphone. I know Mak had just done a post on X-ian love, well here you go Mak, a great example.

It pains me to see women continually demonized by slack jawed fundamentalists. Clearly the bible is a good book in this case. Right? It does appear to be their justification for brutal murder. I would urge everyone to read the whole story, but the short of it is, people thought that certain women were responsible for a measles outbreak. Because they were witches. Of course we all know the babble says we should not suffer any witches. So the good x-ians they are, they went about not suffering witches, in a most brutal barbaric fashion. That’s what I call some good x-ians there… You don’t have to be religious to hate women, but it sure seems to help.

Oh, apparently they paid a witch finder to seek out these witches. Wait, what? Yep a witch finder. How does one become a witch finder exactly? What is wrong with people? I swear every day goes by I think more and more we are all doomed to the ignorance of the many.

P.S. If you are not much of a fan of WTF stoopid, do not read the comments there. Because many of them are just that.