Everywhere I go on the net these days there is an autoplay video just waiting to slap me upside the head. I’ll be browsing merrily and then next thing you know the video cranks up. I did not ask for it, I did not click on it, it just forces its way into my personal space without my permission. Not only that but I am on a metered connection. Every time those unwanted videos crank up they are devouring my data. None of the websites seems to care about that little issue, but I sure do. It kinda ticks me off a little that they can do this, they have no qualms or concern at all for people like me who are stuck with a limited high speed connection.

Been using Chrome as my browser for quite a while, and I researched the issue. I found that you can disable html 5, which helped a little but the videos continued their sniping behavior for the most part.

So I did some more research looking for a fix. The fix is Firefox. Firefox allows you to disable video! They are just gone. Replaced with an error note complaining I need to update my browser. No. No I do not need to update my browser. I am quite happy without autoplay video intruding into my life.

I have seen that some videos which require you to click them still load. But that’s fine as long as they do not autoplay. Just passing this on to any and all that might be in the same boat. If autoplay video is bugging you like it has me, you might want to take a peek at Firefox.

5 thoughts on “Firefox

  1. Chrome is from Google and I am beginning to get tired of Google. At first I accepted the data mining associated with the Google search engine and GMail, but they have become ever so intrusive. I guess the old saw that “there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch” always applies in our “pay as you go” society.


  2. I don’t seem to have experienced such a problem with chrome or maybe I don’t notice it


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