This Never Happens To Me

But it just did.

I was driving my youngest son to school this morning, we were listening to a classic rock station WJLI out of Paducah Ky. The hosts of the morning show were having a Match Game contest, where you have to have the same answer, a match, to a certain question. The question was along the lines of: With a celebrity winning the presidential bid in 2016, what odd celebrity possibilities could we have in 2020?

There were two CD box sets up for grabs a new Pink Floyd release I think Freudian Slip, and a Led Zeppelin remastered box set of which I’m not sure the name. There are two morning hosts and whoever matched one guy got the Pink Floyd, and whoever matched the other guy got the Zeppelin. This was a text in game and they were having fun with a lot of the text ins, and someone got a win for the Pink Floyd set with Peewee Herman. With the Zeppelin set still up for grabs someone sent in Captain Kangaroo (A host of a childrens show way back when) and one of the radio hosts said that was close, within the same decade anyway. On a whim, and I am ashamed for texting while driving, I sent in H.R. Pufnstuf. (another kids show from way back when I am also ashamed to say I watched a time or two) I won!

So, I’m about to head out on an hour+ drive to collect my Zeppelin box set. I got nuttin else to do today might as well bask in the limited glory of my unusual luck. But of course with my regular luck probably looking to settle the odds, I figure to have 3 flats and endure a zombie apocolypse before I can get home  🙂

EDIT: I’ve corrected the spelling from H.R. Puffinstuff to H.R. Pufnstuf. I had to Google it to explain it to one of my kids and discovered my spelling error. Also for your pleasure I have uploaded a pic of tht Pufnstuf himself. (That would be the goof in the outfit with the cowboy boots)


2 thoughts on “This Never Happens To Me

  1. For real? Pufnstuf? What did he do, teach kids to smoke weed?


    • Yeah, the name is suggestive. I don’t think it had anything to do with me smoking a little weed over the years. But hey maybe I was brainwashed! 😉

      The show itself was so long ago and far away I can remember it having a few funny moments (for the target audience, young kids) but it grew stale quick. I watched it some at first then moved on to other things.

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