The End Of An Era

I know you will all be as disappointed as I am. (sarcasm!) Duck Dynasty is in its final season. Can I get a hell yeah? A praise be to Jeebus?! An “oh my gosh one more ignorant non-reality tv show bites the dust?!”

May knowledge and reason find its way to our networks. Amen.


8 thoughts on “The End Of An Era

  1. Amen! And Awomen!!

    (Why in the gods world did it take them so long to get rid of this ducky doo-doo program?!!?)


  2. Because all of the Trump supporters needed something to watch?

    Do I get a cookie? 😉


  3. Yeah … all the Trumpers and Trumpettes will be crying in their beer (Coors Light, no doubt).

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  4. Well I’m sure there will be a dvd set coming out soon so they can hang on to the memories… and cry in the beer to their hearts desire.

    In the meantime I hope someone somewhere is finding tv to do for the rest of us.


  5. The reality show that is now the White House is the funniest thing coming on TV this winter.

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  6. Funny, yeah. Scary, much more so. I just can’t watch. I was keeping up with all of the nonsense pre election. Now I just can’t stomach any more B.S. relating to Trump. I’ve OD’d on it. Kind of like eating too much of a certain food to where just the thought of it makes you nauseous. That’s where I’m at with Trump.


  7. Me too. I hate him and all he represents SO much, that I simply can’t stomach him. $Amen$


  8. That’s pretty bad considering your atheist cannibal side 🙂


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