I just updated my Adobe (Flash Player) and had Mcafee foisted upon me. I had no option to opt out of the Mcafee installation. There are lines that should not be crossed in internet land. This is one of those cases.

I mean it’s easy enough to uninstall but dammit I shouldn’t have too. I feel violated. Am I in the minority when I say that acts like this are criminal? As in, should be against the law?

EDIT:  I should have mentioned it was Adobe Flash Player. And I changed upgrading to the correct term updating.  Thank you Steve and NeuronNotes  🙂


12 thoughts on “Adobe

  1. I agree. They should be outlawed. Damned annoying and invasive.


  2. Adobe what? Adobe is the company name, the program names are things like Acrobat, Photoshop, etc. During the install, you were given a choice whether to install the “extras” and missed opting out. It even occasionally happens to me, which is why I use Revo Uninstaller (free) which does an excellent job of really uninstalling unwanted programs.


  3. Upgraded or updated? I didn’t run into that issue when I updated Adobe.


  4. Programs do that all the time and I hate it as well. If you don’t read everything carefully, sometimes you end up with multiple programs that you don’t want being installed. Very sneaky.


    • Usually there are little boxes somehwere to check for opting out of certain updates you might not want. If one was present this time I sure missed it, and I know to look for it. Still doesn’t actually mean it wasn’t there. I am human and it was first thing in the morning. I got up to my computer having installed some updates of its own, and upon rebooting the Adobe window popped up telling me Flash Player had an update, and I said what the heck…


  5. Assuming it was an update of Adobe’s PDF program, you might want to try Sumatra PDF. It’s free and doesn’t have all the “gunk” that comes with Adobe You can then delete Adobe and not have to worry about updates. 🙂 (P.S., you’ll want to set Sumatra as your default program for PDF files.)

    Also, if you use Chrome as your browser, it has its own PDF viewer built in.

    This is assuming you’re using Windows and not a Mac.


  6. If you read the EULA before installing, it probably said that it was allowed to install McAfee simply because you downloaded flash player. Companies use EULA’s to force extras on people as well as protect them from damaging your PC should anything go wrong.. also, it should be noted that EULA’s can be changed at any time and you pretty much agree to future changes of the EULA because you downloaded whatever program you downloaded. I know it’s something no one reads because the language is confusing, but it’s Important :3 please read the fine print


    • First thing in the morning, coffee brewing, srill rubbing the crud out of my eyes, I may have missed the fine print. But dammit it should not be arranged where one has to read the fine print! What happened to just being transparent? Why the need to slyly pass shit off on unsuspecting people?


      • I whole heartedly agree! The fine-print should only detail legal things. Did you know that you agree to a EULA by simply opening a package covered in shrinkwrap? (CD case or boxed software) It’s crazy..

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