Delusion, No Religion Lives Without It

I saw a headline yesterday I could not ignore, it was “Allah Wants ISIS To Retreat.” I visited the link and no surprises really, deluded religious fanatics acting delusional. Apparently the recent defeats are just part of the trials and tribulations of the faithful. I quote:

“It is not that God has ceased to favor the Islamic State, for that is of course inconceivable. Rather, divine favor comes with ups and downs. It is God’s practice to subject His creation to trials and tests, as He subjected the prophets and the early Muslims before our time.”

Allrighty then…

Like I said, deluded fanatics acting delusional. I only hope that ISIS is dealt a crushing defeat with a minimal loss in civilians and military personnel. I also can hope that the driving force behind ISIS and every other irrational murderous act carried out on behalf of the gods dies with the religion that inspires it. Sooner would be better than later.

My initial discovery of this headline took me to a site that quickly nagged for a subscription, this site carries the same story without the nagging. EDIT: If you click the “read more” icon at this link, it will carry you to the original story, the page that nags. Well when I say nag I mean actually hold you hostage until you subscribe, which is pretty shitty IMO.

11 thoughts on “Delusion, No Religion Lives Without It

  1. I saw that heading a few days ago, I think. Religion has fail safe excuses at every turn


    • What intrigues me is that they find it inconceivable that god has somehow shown them disfavor. Rather it has to be something else. So trials and tribulations it must be!

      In my little world I see them getting their asses kicked (finally) and they just can’t face that possibility. Reality has little place in the heads of the faithful.


  2. Delusional, incredibly self-centered and greedy. Exactly the behavior of alpha male baboons and chimps, minus the god BS, which is just an adaptive tool to take what you want at the expense of others.


  3. Thank you, I had not know of this story. I agree with you totally that I hope this is the end of the selfish desire to harm others using religion. I doubt a defeat would open their eyes, but one can really hope so. Hugs


    • Religion is such an insidious parasite upon humanity I doubt it will go easily. But the trend is in the right direction. You and I will never see its demise but I hope we live long enough to see its relevance in politics reduced, as well as out of favor with the public at large. If I have to live to 150 I would if I thought I’d see it. 😃

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  4. The headline just reads to me…fictional entity wants angry violent people who believe in a fictional entity to retreat. It’s meaningless babble. Pure and simple.


  5. “Divine favor comes with us and downs.” Of course it does. How else would god keep himself entertained? I mean, you have to have at least a little drama, right? Especially if you’re omniscient.


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