Water Miracles

So I’m sitting in the library…

My son had some homework to do. It required putting together a PowerPoint presentation and we do not have PowerPoint. The computers at the library were the obvious choice right after I decided that it wasn’t worth the download for a one time use. At least I hope this is a one time issue. We all know how that goes.

So after the trials and tribulations of getting to the library, it was a trip laced with difficulties that were unforeseeable. My son had lost his library card. We needed a dollar for a replacement card. I hardly ever have cash in my pocket anymore due to the reliance on debit cards. Tried to buy something cheap at the Dollar Store and get some cash back, could not read my debit card. Tried with a credit card, could not get cash back on it! Finally went to a damn ATM and pulled 20 bucks out so I could pay for a one dollar library card! Are we having fun yet??! Nothing in my life, even the acquisition of one stinking dollar, is never as easy as it should be.

Anyway by now you must be wondering how this all ties in to the title of the post. We finally got the library card squared away, my son was able to use the library computer and I had some time to kill. Being in a library, I wisely sought something to read to occupy my time. I found some Popular Science magazines that piqued my interest and started with my page turning enjoyment.

I got to the end of an issue and there was a 2 page advertisement for some device that will deplete the deuterium from your water! And it has all kinds of health benefits! I found this quackery in a Popular Science mag? I guess they will take any old crackpots money!

Here is a link I found that has much of the same wording as the advertisement I came across. It is good for a laugh, there is even some reference about this miracle device fulfilling biblical prophecy, which makes it much more believable (I know…right?) They also go on about the angle of the hydrogen bond in the treated water and how it can save a foot in need of amputation, supposedly grow hair on a bald scalp, and apparently kills Ebola! And much much more! :


I thought about debunking this crap but then found a page that had already done the legwork.Β The guy at this link goes to great lengths debunking all kinds of new age nonsense and there is a lot of it unfortunately. Some people do have such open minds that their brains fall out and their wallets are magically lightened. Β πŸ™‚


Amazing how much fun you can have at the library, well with your clothes still on! Β πŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “Water Miracles

  1. Next time try it with your clothes OFF. πŸ˜‰

    (You knew someone was going to say it. . )


  2. You know you can always use Google slides for free and save it as a PowerPoint πŸ˜‰

    Also, pseudoscience is lame.


    • No I did not know that! Where were you when I needed that info? Hmmm? πŸ˜‰

      As lame as PS is, a lot of people sure do buy into it. Of course we also see that with Trump support as well. I wonder how those topics would correlate? I’d like to see that graph.

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  3. Next time I am looking for a miracle, I know where to go


  4. You paid way too much for a Powerpoint functionality. You can acquire a copy of OpenOffice with a PowerPoint clone in it for … drum roll please … free. Coulda saved a dollar and a lot of grief.

    Hey, I’ve been worried that my local drinking water had too much deuterium in it, polywater, too. Thanks for the tip!


    • Heck I did not mind the dollar for the library card, it was the hassle involved in getting to a dollar… And NOW that I don’t need the PowerPoint anymore everyone has a freebie solution! πŸ™‚ At least if there is a next time I have options previously unknown.

      Yes, I suppose we should be concerned with our deuterium intake. But the real problem is the dihydrogen monoxide in the water!

      Just in case you are unaware of dihydrogen monoxide I leave you with this:



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