Deja Vu

Just a few days ago I did a piece on an unvaccinated kid dying in Spain. Today we have a woman from Washington state dying from the measles. Well, she developed pneumonia as a side effect from having the measles.

This woman apparently had a weakened autoimmune state and contracted the measles in a hospital. It is a shame, she was in the hospital for some medical reasons at the same time someone else there developed the rash associated with the measles, a fluke. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time. If the person that had that case of measles had been vaccinated…? This woman would still be alive.

I don’t want to harp again, so soon, about the importance of vaccines, but dammit it is so vitally important to vaccinate. Vaccines save lives from unneccessary risk of dying from a preventable disease. Vaccinate! Vaccinate your kids! Do not listen to the crazy people that claim vaccines cause autism. They don’t. It was all a bogus story, by an asshole with an agenda, who had his work discredited, and lost his license. It was fraud!

One good piece of news most of you probably already know, California signed into law, the bill that requires all children that want to go to a public school must be vaccinated. No opt out clause. Needless to say this is a major step in the right direction. I hope other states take notice.

Oh, Jim Carrey, shut the hell up, save your stoopid for your movies.