Marriage For All

In a landmark decision June 26/ 2015 the Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriage. It’s about time. I am not gay, don’t even have any gay friends (that I’m aware of) but this news brought a tear to my eye. Why? Because I know now an oppressed and often demonized segment of society has the freedom many of us have taken for granted. A freedom they have fought for for decades, a freedom denied them by the ultra conservative right, a freedom due to all in this country. Today I am proud to be an American.

It also pleases me that the ultra conservative types are frothing about the mouth right now. I am sure they are busy constructing strawmen to attack, setting up commitees to lobby, or scurrying to the hidey holes they live in. Faux News is probably having a meltdown. Their news personnel will be screaming that the sky is falling, the end times are nigh, and it’s all Obama’s fault!  The talking heads will explode. It is a great day to be a skeptic! A great day to remember for a long time.

I’ll be celebrating with a snort or two of Old Charter (8 year old Kentucky Bourbon with a wonderful sultry smokey after taste) in a bit. This is an occasion to celebrate, and to remember. I will be able to tell my grandkids that I saw Jordan play, saw Jeter retire, saw man go to the moon, and saw the biggest victory for gay rights ever.

Congratulations to those who would choose to marry.

3 thoughts on “Marriage For All

  1. Good to see the US finally joins many of us here in Europe. Now we “only” have most muslim countries left… 😉


    • It is great that the SC ruled in favor of humanity.

      I assure you we aren’t there yet. There will be a large, ugly mess to deal with soon enough. The fallout stage has begun. The small minded bigots will shine brightly for a while. When that slows down, maybe… we will be there.

      I almost hate to see what’s coming, but I do love the fact that they are squirming madly.

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