Just a Note to My Readers

I know I haven’t been very entertaining lately. Haven’t posted much. (until a few minutes ago with the Wal Mart thing) I just haven’t had time to do much of late. Heck I can’t even keep up with reading all of the blogs I have in my reader, let alone find or make the time to get any legitimate posting done. But I promise to work on it.

Just have to say that the friends, and followers, it seems strange to call people followers, but you know what I mean… I just want to say I appreciate you being there. The amount of followers I have is by no means a great number, but it has exceeded my expectations by a long shot, is still growing,  and I am grateful you found this blog entertaining enough to click the follow button. Thanks.

6 thoughts on “Just a Note to My Readers

  1. $Amen$ my friend, $Amen$


  2. Hi friend, you don’t have to apologise for not posting frequently.


  3. Perhaps. I just feel like (in most things I do) I have a personal responsibility to take any endeavor I undertake seriously. Or not bother at all. It makes me feel guilty when I have left my blog silent for a month.


  4. No need for apologises.
    Many of us have our own blogs. We know that time sometimes just isn’t there.
    I am trying to make a few of my own blogs into one, slightly bigger one, just to save time. It might work, it might just postpone the inevitable shut-down of some blogs (with very few viewers).

    Bottom line is; there’s never enough time and life goes before the Internet.


  5. That I understand. And speaking for myself, I think you do a very serious job when you do it.


  6. Can’t argue with that. I just can’t help but to feel guilty when the blog has been left silent for too long. That is not the inherent purpose of one 🙂

    Much luck with your consolidation.

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