Antivaxxers Child Dies in Spain

This story is sadly lacking in details, I have searched several links, all with scant information. All we know is an unvaccinated six year old boy contracted diptheria, and died from it. The first death there from diptheria in 29 years. 29 years, think about that for a moment. Why would it be 29 years since the last diptheria death? Maybe because vaccines work!

I have no way of knowing if the parents opted out because of religious stupidity or regular old run of the mill mill stupid. Either way we have a clear example among many of late, why vaccines are important. They save lives, and provide herd immunity among populations.

There is some good news here in the states, California is attempting to push a bill through that requires children in public schools to be vaccinated regardless of personal or religious reasons. The bill passed. It still remains to be seen if the bill becomes law.

There is no good reason not to vaccinate your children and many good reasons to do so. Only those innoculated against reason and evidence seem to think otherwise. If you think you have the right not to vaccinate your kids, fine. But do not think that means you have the right to mix your unvaccinated child into a population of vaccinated individuals. There are always a few who for whatever good medical reason cannot vaccinate.  When your right to not vaccinate endangers others, that is where your rights end. The rest of us have the right to keep your potential carrier out of the protected population.

And another thing. I have seen several kids through school, having been in two marriages, both with kids. When your kid gets sick, keep them at home! Do not send your sick child to school to infect the rest of the kids at school. Why on earth anyone would be so irresponsible is beyond me. I can’t possibly count the number of times one of my kids has come home with strep. The flu. Numerous stomach bugs etc etc. Keep your sick children at home! Once they have been fever free for 24 hours, you can send them back to school. They should no longer be able to infect other kids at that point. (at least that’s what I have been told by our family physician)

One link of several around about the child in Spain:

This link has more info on the California bill:

8 thoughts on “Antivaxxers Child Dies in Spain

    • Wow, my initial reaction is that the CC should continue to spout nonsense on the things they have already proven they know nothing about, rather than make an issue about something they are unfamiliar with knowing nothing about.

      However the pubmed link does have an interesting credibility. I must admit this is the first time I have heard of the possibility of a pregnency vaccine. If there is any validity to that possibility then they do raise some interesting questions.


  1. We need a vaccine to protect us from the idiocy that is antivaxxers. They are complete idjits without functioning brains. Idjits.


    • I believe the prescription for stupid is education. Unfortunately there are many who are education impervious.

      So the answer is simple, yet complex, we have to figure out how to cure stupid.


      • Perhaps a revival of polio and hundreds of kids living in iron lungs would do the trick. Idiots.


        • You know what gets me? The entire antivax movement relied upon the discredited Andrew Wakefield study/paper. The paper was found to be fraudulent, then redacted. Wakefield had his license revoked, is out of work and has been shamed publicly. Yet the antivax movement apparently has either never heard of this, or don’t care, or think it was some huge gov’t conspiracy.

          There have been some measles outbreaks lately showing just how vulnerable un-vaccinated kids are and they still can’t see. Children all over the world dying because they wern’t vaccinated, and they still can’t see.

          Then you have the dumbasses in the middle east who think polio vaccines are of the devil.

          It would take bucket of enormous proportions to carry the amount of stupid…


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