Clearly There Must Be Something Wrong With This Study

I can’t quite put my finger on it, oh wait now I see it. This study does not jive with what any of my readers would already know. The study title and its claim?

“Nearly 70% of evangelicals do not view religion, science as being in conflict.”

Firstly if 70% of evangelicals do not see a conflict, then they are simply very good at deluding themselves. This must be the major determining factor at play here, which would offer a meaningful explanation for the result. You could probably throw in a questionable sample issue among other things that must be skewing things.

This finding is biased, or incorrect in some fashion. I have seen too much to clearly indicate that the claim here does not fit the evidence. When you have buffoons all over the country denying evolution, decrying climate science, screaming they didn’t come from no monkey, claiming fossils are of the devil, and claiming their magic book is factual, I think there is some apparent conflict with the study.

When you have an entire political party making outrageous claims clearly against the evidence, and then when questioned resort to “I am not a scientist” I think we have a problem with this study.

When you have an entire nation full of hateful, bigoted, homophobic, racist, assholes who claim their bible is the source of their inspirations, I think we have a problem with this study.

When we have potempkin village science pretenders with religious based ideologies, building enormous facades dedicated to the denial of science and evolution, I think we have a problem with the study.

Anyone want to help me look for a grant to do a better study?

EDIT:  Son of a bitch. I just noticed the study was done with a grant from the Templeton Foundation! Now I get it…

NUTHER EDIT: I left a comment there, I wonder if it will stay up?

AND ANOTHER EDIT: Since my comment hasn’t been posted yet (if ever) over there at the source of this bogus study, I thought I’d drop a rough recreation (didn’t save the original) of my post there, here.

“Please explain then the existence of AIG, The Discovery Institute, The Templeton Foundation, And the ICR.

Oh wait, I just noticed your study was done with a grant from Templeton. Case closed. Major fail.

Perhaps you should go back to scratch and start over. This time without using a grant from an institution dedicated to blurring the lines between faith and evidence based science.”

I got a shiny new nickel says my comment will not get posted. 🙂


13 thoughts on “Clearly There Must Be Something Wrong With This Study

  1. I did a study just yesterday which I funded with the pennies in my piggy bank that showed 99.9% of Evangelicals are deluded shit-heels without a grip on reality. The study further found that these same shit-heels are so full of themselves and their bigotry toward people different than themselves that they’re incapable of empathy, intelligent reasoning, and kindness toward their fellow man. My study is far closer to the truth, wouldn’t you agree? 🙂

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  2. 78% of statistics are made up.


  3. Of course the majority of evangelicals don’t think there’s a conflict between science and religion–they don’t understand what science even is!


    • Hell they don’t understand how freaking thick headedly wrong they are on any front, let alone science.

      I honestly wrote this up before I noticed the little link close to the bottom of the story. When I saw it was Templeton funded research, the ole light bulb went on.

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  4. Of course there is no conflict. You guys don’t understand. Ask evangelicals what they think about Newton’s Laws of motion, gravity and their answer am sure will be those are solid science.
    Now if you ask them about evolution or climate change, to them, you have no ventured into religion.
    I hope I clarified the issue here and for that matter that number in the study is low.


    • I understand exactly what you are saying Mak. I still do not understand how people twist these notions around in their heads to bend the facts, the reality, until it comfortably fits into some compartment in their heads. Then they walk around like they freaking know it all. When in reality, what they think they know is all twisted up bullshit that resembles nothing of science or the facts. But they darn sure know it’s true!

      In that vein, yes, the number is low.


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