Die Rockettab, DIE!

I tend to do a lot of surfing on the net, as I’m sure most of us do. Not too long ago I noticed on my Craigslist surfs that this popup was intruding upon my experience. Rockettab. I tried using its own disable option, that worked though only briefly. The next time I quickly sniffed it out through the control panel and deleted it.

Then of late everywhere I go Rockettab is back, and in a hugely offensive way. It is in 2×2″ blocks all across the top and right side of the screen, and it takes two clicks to “X” them out. Then when you go to another page, guess what? You have to “X” them out again. Needless to say this gets old quick.

So, I did a search to see how I could disable this obtrusive pest. I found a freebie download (which is where you usually pick up all the crap like this you don’t want on your computer) and in desperation downloaded it. I just ran the first scan and it found over 150 adware/malware items, which were quickly destroyed.

I feel like a movie supervillian! They are gone! For now anyway. Now I just have to wait and see if my freebie download has anything in it that proves to be an issue.

I remember when there was spyware, which tagged along and kept up with your computer comings and goings. Somewhere though spyware turned into adware. It doesn’t just see what you are up to, it keeps up with that AND uses that information to spam you with unwanted advertising. All over your computer screen. There ought to be some sort of consumer protection to keep us from having to put up with this kind of invasion of privacy. Perhaps in the future some congress critter will agree.

Oh, I used Malwarebytes Anti Malware. If anyone has any info or tips to share please do.

23 thoughts on “Die Rockettab, DIE!

  1. Malwarebytes is a great anti-malware program. Keeps everything away but Evangelicals and Lutherans. πŸ™‚ No, really, it is a big help having that software on your computer.


    • What about Lutheran Evangelicals?

      This Rockettab thing was driving me crazy. I probably would have downloaded something that told me it wanted my credit card numbers and the pins to get rid of it.


      • No doubt. I fell for that kinda shit years ago when first on the internet. Malwarebytes blocks that shit and gets rid it if you have it. crazy how much malware is out there that you don’t even realize is on your computer.


        • I was a bit taken back by how much stuff Malwarebytes found on my system. I have been killing/disabling other programs similar to Rockettab such as Wajam and Claro when I ran into them. I had no idea how bad it actually was till I ran the scan.

          I’m glad I got a good opinion on the malwarebytes program right away. I was/still may be a little wary of it. Anything that’s a freebie, or mandatory dl to run vids/etc, they don’t tell you all of the other shit that is coming along for the ride. Then you find out the hard way…


          • I was extremely wary of it too for the same reasons you mention. However, I’ve used it for years and it can be trusted. It simply does as it says it will do and doesn’t add crazy, annoying shit onto your computer.


            • Thanks man! This is great to hear. It was with great trepidation that I went ahead and clicked the “download now” button. It is nice to know I can sleep at night with it installed on the computer.

              Nothing like first hand info to help ease that nagging fear you may have just opened up another can of worms.

              On another note I just threw out a shit ton (that’s an official redneck measurement) of old computer cd’s, floppy’s, games, pamphlets, and computer part manuals from an eon ago. I have no idea why I went ahead and kept a win 95 and a win 3, and a Dos 6.22. (all on floppy) Nostalgia I guess.


              • Last year I actually paid the 20 bucks for the professional Malwarebytes software. I like it that much. It blocks shit before it even gets on my computer. I tossed out a lot of the same type of stuff 2 years ago when I moved. Nostalgia. Hard to let go of a past that seems like yesterday but was actually decades ago. Crazy how fast time keeps seeming to speed up as I get older. πŸ™‚


                • We…as we get older. I’m rafting down that river too. πŸ™‚

                  You got to pay that $20 every year? If it’s really that good I may consider that myself. I have officially had it up to here ^ with this adware crap.


                  • Yes. 20 or 25 a year. Worth it though.


                    • Unbelievable. I got up this morning and Malwarebytes had found 3 more fucking Rockettabs. Quarrantined.

                      Rockettab must be everywhere. I have not dl’d a single thing, though I do have kids I can’t always keep tabs on, still I’d like to know where this Rockettab thing keeps finding me and how it sneaks into the system. This is insane.


                    • What is it trying to do exactly, sell you something? Malwarebytes has a forum you can go on to read up on stuff like this. Check it out. At least it’s catching the damn though. Lordy, I hate malware!


                    • Yes in a sense. It keeps track of my shopping habits, for instance I recently bought a Fender Stratocaster from Craigslist. I researched the guitar before I bought it. Everywhere I go I was seeing guitar ads from Rockettab. Ive also been looking at tube amps. Same thing, I was seeing tube amp ads. It wasn’t so bad, until Rockettab got so bold as to make the ads literally 2×2 inch blocks all across the top and right side of the computer screen. It had previously been much less intrusive. But when it got that bad, I had quickly had enough.

                      Sorry I’m slow responding, we just had a named winter storm move through dropping 5 inches of snow on top of a half inch of sleet/ice. I was out in it yesterday when it started. had to drive 50 miles through the sleet. Saw several cars in the ditches, and lots of dumbasses who have no clue how to drive in bad weather. hell most of suck on dry roads…


                    • You’re out East then, eh? Heard Boston was just hammered with snow a week or so ago. Ah, winter. πŸ™‚


                    • Lol. I’m in W. Tennessee. Just 2 weeks ago we had a system drop a bunch of sleet that was rained on the next day. There were roads that were like an ice rink. That stuff stuck with us for nearly 2 weeks. Then Thor moved through. We are ice/snow covered again. Should warm up in the next couple of days though.

                      That last round, the same day it hit us my well pump decided to take a nap. Submersible pump, 80 feet down, I got it replaced with all new pipe, pressure tank, same day, but I had a damn leak topside. It has been so brutally cold I just rigged up a way for the water to escape the wellhouse. It finally warmed up to low 60’s just before Thor hit us, and I got that fixed. Would you believe I was getting dive bombed my mosquitos?

                      This has been an abnormally cold/hard winter for my localation, I’m damn glad I don’t live in Boston!


                    • Ah. Tennessee. Now I see. I see snow in Tennessee, Oh wee, wee, wee!!!! πŸ™‚


                    • …as long as the wee wee’s are kept out of the snow all is well. πŸ™‚


                    • Can’t have a decent winter without a bit of yellow snow here and there. My dog helps that happen. πŸ™‚


                    • Mmm hmm, blame the dog!


  2. AdBlock is great! Definitely cuts down on ads when surfing and there’s a free version. As for malware, I too endorse Malwarebytes. Also, you may have already searched, but I notice there are several sites that tell you how to get rid of Rockettab.


    • I already knew how to hunt it down and delete it. But they got crafty and started hiding it in other places. It would be in files whos names were nothing close to Rockettab. It took the Malwarebytes program to find them. And there were many. I literally had no idea how bad this issue had become till that software found 150+ files like that on my computer. They are sneaking these adware/malware things in Trojan style. I am a bit behind the times apparently. I have got to get better than that. Being a grumpy old fart by nature automatically puts you behind the times. πŸ™‚


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