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I decided to make some time to get a post in, I have been awfully “otherwise busy” with life of late, and my blog posting has suffered from the malady. I didn’t even get a Quote of the Month in last month, for which I feel like a lazy scalywag. So, I thought perhaps I’d look for a good quote this time, and I figured Hitchens should have some good ones out there. While I was researching Hitch, I stumbled across this quote.

It is by of all people, Bruce Willis. Now I will have to admit I am a fan of Bruce W. I like every movie I have seen him in and would dare say some of those movies are classics. Even if I have seen his movies, I usually don’t mind watching them again if nothing else is on, there is just something about his characters that seems to ring true.

Anyway, the quote:


In my personal religious history, I have occupied several positions through the years, including vaguely favorable of religion (deist), to attempted acceptence of religion (wanna be religiot), to I’m not so sure about all of this crap (agnostic), to an out and out atheist. At some point in my agnostic phase I pretty much felt exactly and Mr. Willis does here. As I still do today.

The biggest problem with this quote, is that religions in general aren’t dying out quite quick enough to suit me. Though the latest numbers, according to new data samples is favorable. Perhaps in my childrens, grandchildrens lifetimes there will be a marked decrease in the influence of that ancient mind fuck known as religion. I can only hope for the sake of humanity, religion goes ahead and dies its painfully agonizingly slow death. With few if any around to mourn its loss.

4 thoughts on “Quote of the Month

  1. Good quote. I’d like religion to die painfully, but rather fast, so I can live to watch it writhe away into the sunset of history. Unfortunately, it will surely out live me. Thus, I’ll keep bitching about it to make myself feel better. Oh, I really like Willis, too, as an actor. Supposedly he’s quite the dick in real life, but since I don’t know him in real life, I don’t care. I like his movies. Just watched him in “Planet Terror” yesterday. Love him in that.


    • I haven’t seen that one yet. Will check it out ASAP.

      Even if he is quite the dick IRL, at least he is an atheist dick. Better one of us than one of them, dicks included. Of course anyone with a “sounds like a dick” problem should be working on that in their spare time 🙂

      I’m like you, I’d love to be around to see religions last breath. Let reason reign! Alas I’ll be long dead before we get close to that era. Still one can hope.


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