Republicans Have A Cow Over Clinton Documentary

You know, I used to buy into the whole R thing. I must admit I prospered during the reign of the R’s over the last 20 years, prior to the Obama election. By then the economy had tanked, and it was a result of the R’s fleecing the system until it bled out. Even then, I voted R in the 1st Obama campaign.

Then Obama was elected president. At that moment the R’s imploded. They were absolutely horrified that a blankety blank N-word was our new president, They did not even try to hide their disgust. Anger and shock was the look on their faces, the noise from the talking heads was deafening. It was the end of the world as we know it they decried. The sky was falling and there is no place to hide, was the rhetoric.

Well, the sun still rises in the east. It still sets in the west. Best I can tell our oxygen levels are still suitable for life. My well hasn’t run dry, and the economy while still on shaky legs is trying to come back. My particular mode of making a living is still dead in the water, but that has no impact on this discussion, it is what it is.

So the 1st Obama term ended, and we had another election. Much to the dismay of the R’s, he won AGAIN! Here we go, it’s the end of the world, the sky is falling, and we are all gonna die! Guess what? We are still here, doing our best to get along in the world, hoping for something positive from our government. Yet the R’s still have their heels dug in, refusing to cooperate, and government in general is far from a state of governing. The R’s refuse to have anything to do with our blankety blank N-word president or any policy with a D on it. Shame on them.

Finally this history lesson is up to date, the R’s are in a state of disarray, desperate for a way back into power, jockeying for position for a run at the White House. So CNN is making a documentary about Hillary…and the R’s are predictably upset. Any potential threat to their position must be fought, and they are childishly threatening CNN and ABC who will also air the program, by blackballing the stations from debates. Well boo fucking hoo. Guess what R’s? I used to support your position, right up until you showed your true colors, by being racist bigots, and taking your defeats like little cry babies, pissing and moaning and refusing to cooperate with the D’s about ANYTHING, because you lost to Obama. You lost, get over it and grow the fuck up. As a result of your intolerance, racism, and bigotry, I have vowed to never vote R again. Congratulations, your demeanor has created a lifetime D.

Oh, if you are looking for a R candidate that may be able to win the next election, do try and find one that think his/her way out of a wet paper bag, and can keep their private parts…private. It would also be nice if said candidate supports science and reason, but I know I’m asking for too much. /end sarcasm… Oh wait, never mind, lifetime D remember? At this point I see no way of salvaging this D convert, The damage is done.

EDIT: The first article I saw on this story claimed ABC as the other network besides CNN, I went looking for the story again for the link, and this one claims NBC as the other network. Whatever, my outlook is the same regardless…

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