GOP reject advice to moderate

Exactly. Besides being intolerant, racist bigots, they are also out to strip women of their rights, enact immigration laws, support the idiotic so called Intelligent Design malarky as well as replace the facts of evolution in public schools with it, and cut science funding among other things. All the while helping their rich buddies get richer while watching the rest of us rot.

The GOP is so out of touch they might as well all move to Texas and secede. There they would be in good company, and the rest of us could do our best to move on and improve our lives. With the Wigs out of the way we could look for real answers to the economy and the looming ecological impacts we face as a result of global warming. One of which they deny altogether and the other a direct result of their own policies and lack of oversight. 

The more you look, the more you see, and it ain’t a pretty sight. If they have any hope for future success, they need to wise up, clean house, and start over with a more modern outlook to modern problems. I sincerely doubt they have the foresight or the willingness to moderate. Let alone start looking at things from a perspective of “how can we help?” instead of ” how can we screw things up even worse, and line our pockets with cash while we do it?”


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