Science For the Win In Kentucky

I have been watching this scenario with interest  for a while, the Ky. Board of Education passed the updated science standards, despite the moaning,  groaning, and ignorance of creationists. The B.O.E cited the fact that evolution was already included in state standards and evolution is “the fundamental, unifying theory that underlies all the life sciences.” It goes on to say, “there is no significant ongoing debate within the scientific community regarding the legitimacy of evolution as a scientific idea.” (I would like to note that evolution is way past the idea stage and sits comfortably in the fact column) 

Also, concerning the notion to teach ID, which by definition is creationism wearing a cheap lab coat, they turned it down because “The overwhelming majority of scientists do not consider creationism intelligent design,” and…they also also “point to court decisions that have repeatedly declared teaching creationism and intelligent design as unconstitutional.” Well done, right on the money.

They also included presenting the facts on climate change for students to consider. Another thumbs up from me.

I am thrilled the approved (by the B.O.E of KY.) standards are moving on in the process, however they still have to pass Kentucky’s Administrative Regulation Review Committee. I expect more creationism nonsense along the way, but hopefully good sense will prevail.

The comments there were surprisingly supportive, at least till some idiot x-ians showed up, blaring their incomprehensible ignorance loudly and proudly. I do look forward to the day when reason and fact based evidence become common place modes of thought. I just may not live to see it.

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