Some Recommended Reading

I have followed Panda’s Thumb for a long time now. For those of you not familiar with it, this site is front and center to the fight against creationism pseudoscience. The players there are way above my pay grade and education. You have real scientists there who actually know, understand, and do real science, and they have particularly keen insights to the inner workings of the creation science (oxymoron alert!) field of chicanery.

There is an ongoing thread there now:

…which I found very entertaining. The comment section is well worth digging into if you are so inclined. If you check it out, let me know if it was worth the trip 🙂  The good stuff starts late in page 2 of the comments with Mike Elzinga.



It Looks Like Oklahoma Will Have Bible Classes In Schools

Clearly an end run around the constitution. Another RWCRFM (Right Wing Conservative Republican Fundamentalist Moron) following the well known wedge strategy, this time by foisting upon children some hoohaw about the bible. You have heard about the Hobby Lobby x-ian asshole, it looks like he is behind this whole thing. The article says and I quote “billed as a way to teach archaeology, history and the arts through Bible stories.” What a bunch of lying bullshit. Then goes on to say “also tells students God is always there in times of trouble and that sinners must “suffer the consequences” of disobeying.” Which is RELIGION. In a school. Which is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

Here is more “While the course does explain the inspiration behind famous works of art and holds a prism to historical events, it also endorses behavior for religious reasons and implies that bad things happen as a direct result of disregarding God’s rules.” Are you kidding me? If this crap actually becomes a reality, and gets taught in public schools, we are doomed as a society. Start packing your bags and looking for another country to live in. I hear Canada is nice. Here is another gem from the article:

“The superintendent of Mustang schools, Sean McDaniel, said if the board believed the curriculum crossed a line it wouldn’t have approved the course.”  “We’re not asking kids to believe the stories,” McDaniel said. “This is a purely academic endeavor. If it turns into something beyond that, either we will correct it or we will get rid of it.”  More lying bullshit from a lying bullshitter.

There had better be a huge outcry about this, and the people behind it should be made an example of. There is no excuse for this kind of crap in what is supposed to be a society based upon freedom. Freedom means not having someone’s religion forced upon you.

EDIT: I posted this last night, even got a “Like” on it. I got up this morning and it is sitting here in the draft file, untitled, and no longer up on the blog. Has anyone else had this kind of odd behavior? Anyway I have retitled the post and am about to hit Publish. Let’s see what happens.

Nuther Edit: I reread the article, it appears this class will be an elective, not required curriculum. Still it is a generic, watered down, court dodging attempt to introduce religion in schools. This is part of the wedge strategy. Getting the foot in the door, is what this is. I stand by my initial disgust.