It’s Turkey Day

Just a note to say I hope everyone enjoys the holiday. This is that time of year for being thankful and enjoying family. Which I know don’t always work so well together.

So suck it up, and get through it! Leaving as little fallout as possible, think of the children!  🙂

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Just so you know family is showing up here today, I need a list of possible bail donors, just in case…


Just A Thanksgiving Musing

When you are married to a nurse you learn to take the holidays when you can. Doesn’t have to be what the calendar says, just have your holiday when you get the time, and the wife gets the day off. Wife had to work today, we are planning our turkey day tomorrow.

It was on the way home when I noticed that a couple of bars we have to drive by, were doing great business. I had to wonder why is it, on a day notorious for the celebration of family, would a lot of people prefer to get shit faced at a bar instead? I suppose some family dynamics are better than others…

Then the wife remembered that we need a couple of pie crusts for well…pies. So we dodged the bypass around one of the towns on the way home to seek out said pie crusts. Pulled into the Wal Mart and the place was packed. I mean parking in the grass, cops with blue lights flashing, it was a nightmare. I did a U-turn and got the hell out of there. Every other pie crust selling joint was of course closed (it being thanksgiving and all), and any options for supper were slim. Every fast food joint in town was closed (maybe they were at the Wal Mart?) except McDonalds, and I have a McDonalds rule, I will only eat there once a week max, and have already exceeded my limit. So onwards home to a bowl of leftover chili in the fridge that was supper a couple of days back. It was still pretty damn good.We will make up for it tomorrow.

Once or twice a year we always have a conversation that goes a lot like this “why is it we only have turkey on thanksgiving?” And the answer is usually something like this “I don’t know, lets pick up a turkey, put it in the freezer and we will have it on a day when we have the time” So, we picked up a nice sized frozen turkey breast a couple of months ago. Oddly enough that is the turkey we are having tomorrow. No matter how we try, or attempt to justify it, we only have turkey once a year. Oh well, we can shoot for it next year I suppose.

I don’t celebrate thanksgiving once a year really. I figure every day I get up and meet a new sunrise is a good day. Every day I get to hear my kids say “I love you dad” is a good day. Every day I get unsolicited hugs is a good day. I have many things to be thankful for every day, not just once a year. I might miss a day here or there, but I do try to take the time to appreciate living, and try to be thankful for the little things. I hope you do too.

Happy Thanksgiving!