It’s Turkey Day

Just a note to say I hope everyone enjoys the holiday. This is that time of year for being thankful and enjoying family. Which I know don’t always work so well together.

So suck it up, and get through it! Leaving as little fallout as possible, think of the children!  🙂

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Just so you know family is showing up here today, I need a list of possible bail donors, just in case…


4 thoughts on “It’s Turkey Day

  1. We decided to do a different kind of thanksgiving this year. On Tuesday we made up a huge mountain of Nachos, with several pounds of hamburger cooked in taco seasonings, three different kinds of cheese, salsa, lettuce. Then we baked it at 350 for about 20 minutes. Then Ron and I sat down for an X-men movie marathon. The kids joined us halfway through the first movie, which was good as we had cooked far too much food. We also had a chilli with a whole bag of meatballs in it. It was great day, everyone was happy, everyone eat well. We had turkey last week,and will have it again, but we just couldn’t do the sit down at the table with a lot of people this year, our hearts were not in it. I wish you the best today and lots of joy. Hugs

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    • Well thank you Scottie!

      You know having been married to a nurse for nearly 15 years we have learned that:

      1. You don’t always have to celebrate the holidays/birthdays as per the calendar date. You work around schedules and get it done when you can.

      2. There is no law saying you must have turkey or ham on any given holiday. I love your Mexican movie marathon! All that really matters is there was food/family/ and a touch of togetherness.

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  2. Happy Turkey Assassination Day, my friend.


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