Darwin Awards

I guess with Darwin Day just behind us it is appropriate to bring up a couple of Darwin awards. First up:

Snake handling preacher in Ky. dies from rattlesnake bite. Dumbass.  http://abcnews.go.com/US/snake-salvation-pastor-dies-snakebite/story?id=22542243 This guy had been featured in a “hey look at me I’m a dumbass” reality TV series. In this case reality rears its ugly head. Don’t tempt fate.

Next is some dingbat apparently decided to fly 4th class. That is by hiding in the wheel well of a plane. He did not survive. http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/body-found-airplane-wheel-vas-dulles-22535370

Life is difficult enough to navigate without taking needless risks. Half the time I can’t even get from my home to town without some oblivious fool trying to kill me with their car. Plus I have already taken enough risks to last me a lifetime, having been a commercial river diver for the last 30 years, fighting weather, currents, and idiots in bass boats and large cruisers, as well as having to dodge towboats pushing large tows. I understand that taking risks is a part of getting through life, but behaving in a manner that can easily get you killed needlessly, will only get you on someone’s Darwin Award list. Be smart out there. Life is short enough.