That Was Close!

I for whatever reason checked my e-mail junk folder this morning and saw a message from WP. My card had expired and I am up for renewal. I updated the card successfully and paid my subscription, it will auto renew so you will all have to put up with me until 2021.

I guess I should do some sort of evil genius laugh right about now, Mwa ha ha ha ha!

I think I will make sure messages from WP get through from now on. I had recently dropped the hammer on spam because I was getting so much of it. If anyone tried to contact me I swear I wasn’t ignoring you!

Umm, little trick I found while investigating my spam problem, if you use Outlook it makes a huge difference if you go to settings and take yourself off of the accepted senders list. The spammers figured out that little loophole and are sending you messages from yourself. But the entire thing is disguised from some sort of strange address. No matter how many times I sent a spammer to the junk file they kept getting through. Not anymore. Sneaky bastards. My spam problem is a very slow trickle now compared to a dump truck load daily. That is todays other FYI   🙂



Some Spam is Spammier Than Other Spam

I guess being part of the WP community, a small part in my case, is all it takes to bring out the spammers. I thought this particular piece of spam was interesting. Name and site of origin redacted to protect the guilty.

“I dгop a lеave a response when I appreciate a post оn a site or I have something to contribute
to the conversation. Usually it’s triggered by the fire displayed in the article
I looked at. And after this article The Good Stuff | Evidence Based Reality.
I was асtually eхcited enough to post a thought :
-) I actually do have 2 questions for you if it’s okay. Is itt only me orr does it look as if like a few

of these responseѕ look like they are written by brain dead people? :-P And, if you are pksting at additional onlinе social sites,
I’d like to follow уou. Could you make a list the complete urls of your community pages like your linkedin profilе, Facebook pagе or
twitter feed?”

First that article “The Good Stuff” was basically a link to a story by Brian Switek over at Phenomena Laelaps, and had zero comments.

…The opening sentence starts with “I drop a leave?” Something wrong with that…

Then this spammer wants to know if I would post links to linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter?

I don’t do linkedin, Facebook, or Twitter. I have absolutely zero interest in any of those distractions. I did try Facebook once, I lasted 3 days before I deleted my profile. My extended family convinced me to get on FB to “keep in touch.” Let’s face it, there are some things I do not need to know about my family. They are far too RWCRFM to suit me. And I have no interest in all of those damned idiotic captioned pictures that convey some kind of RWCRFM message. I quickly realized that I am much better off seeing my family only on special occaisions or at funerals. I love most of em for the most part, but don’t need to be around them long enough for the stupid to show up.

So, no, even if I did follow those social sites, I would not be stupid enough to post links to them, providing my spammer friend with more people to spam. I am a lot of things, but being that gullible is not one of them.

RWCRFM = Right Wing Conservative Republican Fundamentalist Moron.