Some Spam is Spammier Than Other Spam

I guess being part of the WP community, a small part in my case, is all it takes to bring out the spammers. I thought this particular piece of spam was interesting. Name and site of origin redacted to protect the guilty.

“I dгop a lеave a response when I appreciate a post оn a site or I have something to contribute
to the conversation. Usually it’s triggered by the fire displayed in the article
I looked at. And after this article The Good Stuff | Evidence Based Reality.
I was асtually eхcited enough to post a thought :
-) I actually do have 2 questions for you if it’s okay. Is itt only me orr does it look as if like a few

of these responseѕ look like they are written by brain dead people? :-P And, if you are pksting at additional onlinе social sites,
I’d like to follow уou. Could you make a list the complete urls of your community pages like your linkedin profilе, Facebook pagе or
twitter feed?”

First that article “The Good Stuff” was basically a link to a story by Brian Switek over at Phenomena Laelaps, and had zero comments.

…The opening sentence starts with “I drop a leave?” Something wrong with that…

Then this spammer wants to know if I would post links to linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter?

I don’t do linkedin, Facebook, or Twitter. I have absolutely zero interest in any of those distractions. I did try Facebook once, I lasted 3 days before I deleted my profile. My extended family convinced me to get on FB to “keep in touch.” Let’s face it, there are some things I do not need to know about my family. They are far too RWCRFM to suit me. And I have no interest in all of those damned idiotic captioned pictures that convey some kind of RWCRFM message. I quickly realized that I am much better off seeing my family only on special occaisions or at funerals. I love most of em for the most part, but don’t need to be around them long enough for the stupid to show up.

So, no, even if I did follow those social sites, I would not be stupid enough to post links to them, providing my spammer friend with more people to spam. I am a lot of things, but being that gullible is not one of them.

RWCRFM = Right Wing Conservative Republican Fundamentalist Moron.