Those Poor Wittle Christians

Some kid in Singapore was just found guilty of insulting x-ians. What a joke. X-ians insult themselves.

I guess it’s better to be found guilty of insulting those pathetic x-ians in Singapore than it is to be a free thinking blogger in Bangladesh. I’m sure most of my regular friends here will have already seen this.

There is no place in this world for people who feel so insulted that they feel the need to defend their non existent gods. If their gods were so hot, they could damn well defend themselves. Right after they showed up of course.

Religion deserves ridicule. It literally has nothing going for it but “we said so, therefore it is true.”  That’s all they have got. They have built their empires, their hopes, their dreams and desires upon a foundation of nothing. Then they demand respect? They demand not to be insulted? They demand to be taken seriously? When you silly religiots stop believing in your invisible friends, then perhaps you can sit at the table with the grownups. Then perhaps we can take you seriously. Then perhaps you deserve some respect. Until then, you deserve all of the mock and ridicule you get. And then some.

I should add, that I don’t make a habit of insulting anyone. Religious or otherwise, I got no beef with anyone who wants to be religious. Right up to the point where you want to legislate your religion upon me. Right up to the point where you want your fantasies taught in school. Right up to the point where you make fools of yourselves for being insulted.

More than 5,000 dead in C. African Republic

…In the Central African Republic. Muslims and X-ians on murdering sprees, ruthlessly killing and mutilating each other. Every death a tragedy. At this link there is a story of a young lad who escaped his home and hid in the bushes, while his family was murdered. A horrific tale.

If only people could see each other as human, instead of a member of another cult. If only that harbinger of doom, that polarizer of men, that monstrosity that makes people feel as if they were just more special than everyone else would die its deserved death. But no, religion clings to the hearts of those in its bondage and spreads through their children. A plague upon man more deadly than all of the infectious bacteria and virus across the globe.

The sad truth about this story, it is nothing at all new. Men have been murdering in the name of their religions since the first shaman made claim to being in contact with the spirit world, and every death lies at the feet of priests, and kings.