More than 5,000 dead in C. African Republic

…In the Central African Republic. Muslims and X-ians on murdering sprees, ruthlessly killing and mutilating each other. Every death a tragedy. At this link there is a story of a young lad who escaped his home and hid in the bushes, while his family was murdered. A horrific tale.

If only people could see each other as human, instead of a member of another cult. If only that harbinger of doom, that polarizer of men, that monstrosity that makes people feel as if they were just more special than everyone else would die its deserved death. But no, religion clings to the hearts of those in its bondage and spreads through their children. A plague upon man more deadly than all of the infectious bacteria and virus across the globe.

The sad truth about this story, it is nothing at all new. Men have been murdering in the name of their religions since the first shaman made claim to being in contact with the spirit world, and every death lies at the feet of priests, and kings.