Kentucky, Home Of Creationist Nonsense, And Confederate Flags

Yep, everyone knows by now about the Lisa Davis fiasco.

And everyone knows about the ongoing Ken Ham fiasco.

I have pretty much let the Lisa Davis thing slide, except for maybe saying in the privacy of my own home a few choice words on her actions. Then I was driving home yesterday and it all changed. There is a motel in town that routinely posts ignorant x-ian nonsense on its sign out front, I had just picked up some pizza and was on the way back home when I saw the sign.

“Pray For Lisa Davis”

“In Jail”

“For Christ”

I darn near blew a gasket. To what lengths will x-ians go to to spread their damn lies? Lisa Davis is in jail for being a goddamned dumbass who directly violated a new law laid down by the Supreme Court, and by a local judge who found her in contempt. She is in jail for being an idiot, not for being a x-ian. How people can confuse the circumstances and turn the facts into some martydom complex to suit their purposes is beyond me. But we see that kind of crap a lot. I should be to the point now where I might expect to see this kind of thing. But it sure caught me off guard yesterday.

Nuttin much to say on Ken Ham lately, but he is pretty reliable as a source of disgust/entertainment. I am sure he won’t keep us waiting for long.

While I am at the keyboard I may as well report on a phenomenon I have been witness to. Ever since the shooting in Charleston, and the subsequent confederate flag freak show, there have been a great deal of good ole southern rednecks flying confederate flags all over the place. I mean running up and down the roads with two large confederate flags flying in the back of their pickup trucks. Confederate flags in the windows, serving as curtains. Confederate flags hung from trees in the yard. You get the idea. It seems to me the only tangible result of all this is someone is making a killing selling flags.

I have never seen the confederate flag as a symbol of hate. I suppose there are many who would use it as such. But I have only really seen it as a historical reference, and a good identifier of a true “good ole southern redneck.” As far as it being symbloic of hate, I understand the history, but that doesn’t quite add up as a symbol of hate to me. Until someone actually uses it as one. Then it becomes symbolic of hate as demonstrated by the act. We can say the same thing for many flags. Do we ban them all?

I’d be interested in your take on the subject. Pick one, two, or go for broke.

Kentucky Governor a Champion for Reality

I suspected this whole anti science/pro creationist lobby would put up a scrap in Ky. They sure did, the legislature voted down the new science standards, meaning to, and I quote “wipe away all the hard work that Kentucky’s teachers and scientists invested in creating these standards, along with top scientists and teachers from across the country.” These maroons voted it down 5-1.

Fortunately for those of us sided with reason, the governor Steven Beshear overrode the decision, striking it down, and passed the new standards. Pro reality advocates were dumbfounded when the legislative vote went against them, and while the gov’s veto is cause for celebration, they are understandably in a mild state of shock that these legislative nimrods voted against the new science standards.

Quoted from the NCSE article

Though they would soon be celebrating, science advocates in attendance were aghast immediately after the meeting. Kentucky Education Commissioner Terry Holliday told a reporter in the hallway: “I think it was pretty much a political vote. I don’t think there is any meat to these issues that we haven’t fully addressed.”

Rob Bevins, president of Kentuckians for Science Education, was equally disappointed. He told the paper “I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re on the Daily Show tomorrow.”

“I’m still in disbelief,” a scientist who attended the hearing told me. “The arguments our side put forth were exponentially more powerful than theirs. I’m getting ready to go to a meeting at UK [the University of Kentucky] and I’m going to bring it up the fact that we need to be more active.”

Thing is, there are reality denying, evidence ignoring, creationist dumb asses entrenched in school boards, regulatory panels, and political offices all across the country. They are constantly working to destroy solid science education, and replace it with some religiously motivated “alternative science” (known as ID) because it better fits their preconceptions and/or beliefs. They will not be satisfied until this country has become a x-ian theocracy. Every time they lose a battle such as this one, they lie low, regroup, and pop up somewhere else, looking to overthrow science based methodologies and replace that with superstitious nonsense.

While this battle is won, the fight is far from over. Texas appears to be the next battleground. I am watching with a hopeful eye. Perhaps this situation in Ky. may help to influence the outcome there, one can only hope, but the gov in Tx. is a x-ain buffoon, There will be no last minute veto there, so the only hope for reason will be at the lower levels. Good luck Texas.