Legacy of an Orange Idiot


This is what has become of our country. A conspiracy lunatic attacking Nancy Pelosi’s husband with a damn hammer.

We owe this to the R Party, and Donald Jackass Trump. This is what you call “the chickens coming home to roost.” A direct result of the orange idiots division of hate, and the R party’s willingness to play along and let that moron attempt to destroy what is left of democracy, with absolutely ZERO accountability.

Cue the right wing wingnut brigade. “It was just a hammer.” “He wasn’t killed.” “He probably had it coming.” “Must have been ANTIFA.” “Did they find Hilary’s e-mails at Pelosi’s house?”

Distract. Deflect. Never take responsibility. Lie, lie, lie. The oath of the R party. Not a decent man or woman among them.


One thought on “Legacy of an Orange Idiot

  1. After all, he was a President of Flaw and Border.

    Yours sincerely,


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