Oh, My

We have all seen the Hubble pics of the “Pillars of Creation,” a massive nebulous star forming dust cloud. But now we see it better with the James Webb. Behold:

Just wow.

This is the Hubble image compared to the James Webb shot:

I can’t wait for more!


2 thoughts on “Oh, My

  1. I’ve observed M16 (the nebula where the Pillars reside,) more times than I can remember. It is easily seen with 10×50 binoculars. I’ve seen it with binoculars, a 3 inch ED glass refractor, an 8 inch SCT (Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope,) and a 12.5 inch dobsonian reflector telescope, all of which I own. But none of them show this masterpiece as the space telescopes can deliver.

    How you been man? Don’t see you around as much, though that might be cuz I’m not around much 😉

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