The key paragraph is third up from the bottom. Though the last sentence in that same paragraph gives us some hope. I fear for now we are just screwed.


Stay healthy my friends. I like you too much to see you catching this shit.

13 thoughts on “WELL THIS IS PROMISING (COVID 19)

  1. And it requires no refrigeration! This is potentially huge. If we can stay clean, we may have a vaccine in a fraction of the usual time.

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  2. This would be great, and would be useful against some future viruses as well.

    I’ve also read that people who have had the virus and recovered carry enough antibodies in their blood that plasma from them can be used as a treatment. If this works out, a big push to get recently recovered people to donate blood could really help out.

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  3. “Our ability to rapidly develop this vaccine was a result of scientists with expertise in diverse areas of research working together with a common goal,” Hmmm… But….but….but….Trump says he knows MORE than scientists and downplays what they do and say! Oh, and anti-vaxxers claim vaccines cause autism, and I’ve never known those guys to EVER be wrong about anything. πŸ™‚

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  4. Though parts of science have evolved for explicit uses in war, violence, slaughter, genocide, etc, there is perhaps more science that saves lives, makes life a bit easier, and extends it longer than the previous 50-years or century. I agree with you Shell, as long as science is allowed to be furthered thru funding and proper testing, then utilized for good, for bettering life for all peoples, then there is hope indeed. πŸ™‚


  5. I swear I have to figure out how to respond to replies so it makes sense in way it’s structured…


  6. Re: replies — maybe it’s the way you’ve set up your blog? Check the Settings option and the Discussion tag.


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