My youngest son, I envy him. He has a sweet girlfriend, a job, and is about to graduate high school. Assuming there is a graduation this year. Well, he picked up a 3D virtual reality rig used a few weeks back…

And it’s AMAZING!


I have only played a few of games on it, one is Arizona Sunshine, a zombie shoot em up, which is a lot of fun. Another I just started playing is Superhot. Superhot is like being Bruce Willis in the movies. You are dropped into all sorts of scenarios you have to fight your way out of, using guns/knives and fists. Also an absolute ball to play, and it requires some quick thinking. The problem is, Superhot requires a lot of up/down dodging bullets and hiding behind obstacles to shoot around, it is very physical. And my back can’t take too much physical.

Im sitting here in a lot of pain right now. But it will (mostly) pass. There might be some who would say I need the exercise, but they don’t say it too loudly. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I can’t wait to go back in to VR. Even if that might be tomorrow. If I have to be locked down at home for a while I think I’ll be ok with that, with this thing in the house.

The one thing I do not like is, this technology is somehow through Facebook, which I utterly despise. For that matter #deletefacebook !! I know this link is a little outdated but still relavent IMO. FB is the ebil. (Waterboy reference, yes the movie)


On a side note just got back from Wal Mart. Went in to grab some bratwurst for supper. It’s like living in a war zone these days with bare shelves up and down the aisles, almost surreal. That boy of mine I mentioned earlier, just came in with some toilet paper and a bag of sugar. He informed me the toilet paper was again cleaned out at the Wal Mart. (For us Wal Mart is the closest store unfortunately, and second on my list of hated corporations right behind FB)

If there is any good news out there, I bought gas this morning for $1.25 a gallon in a neighboring town. Taking my big ole 3/4 ton truck there to fill it up too.

I know a lot of people are losing their jobs right now, which is terrible. My sister in law just got laid off, a friend of mine says where he works there has been a lot of activity in the office, he is expecting a shutdown soon. My wife works in healthcare so she will have a job until either she or anyone in the house gets the virus, at that point we lock the doors and no one goes in or out for 2 weeks, maybe more. Or If anyone at the house she works at gets ill, obviously she won’t be able to go back until is safe to do so.ย  We live in an extraordinay time among extraordinary circumstances. I do hope we all get through this relatively unscathed. But the reality is even if we do not get ill with the virus, the impact on the economy is going to be long lasting and I fear will cause enormous suffering. Goodbye 401K, we will miss you.

Stay safe, and hang in there.

4 thoughts on “OCULUS QUEST VR, OWWW! COVID 19

  1. Hello Shelldigger. I am really glad you like the VR set up and the games. I tried the wii but still prefer my X-boxes. In fact I am stuck at a level on Halo Guardians and I can not get past the wraith tank. But I will keep trying.

    Like your wife, my husband works in healthcare. He works in the open heart ICU. He says that non-emergency heart surgeries have stopped because they had to take Covid-19 PTs and it is getting worse. They are converting a whole floor ward over to a Covid-19 floor. We have gone to a new plan for his coming home. He keeps a can of Lysol in the car, he never takes his carry bag to the floor. He will spray the bag before putting it in the car, he will come home, spray his uniform, and put it in the washer, then get a shower. This is to protect me. Ron and I are both in the high risk category. This virus is scary and so many people where I live are clueless. We had to go out yesterday morning to Staples to get a new office chair for me, my old one had given up functioning. As we were leaving the young man who checked us out and put the box in our van reached out to shake my hand. Without thinking I just reached out also. Ron yelled out ” Hey, no you two, not supposed to do that now”. We both were sheepish, it was a habit.

    I think this food hoarding is crazy, and it doesn’t have to happen. There is food enough in the pipeline, the trucks are running and supplies coming in at multiple times every day. The only reason there are shortages is that stores have a low inventory policy. It is more cost effective for them to have a truck come in and put that delivery right on the floor than it is to have a larger storage area that they have lots of stuff stored in. The registers automatically update the supply needs and it is ordered for the next delivery. People are creating the shortages by taking cart loads of an item at a time. This is not a disaster where the roads will be blocked or the ports closed. The goods will still flow.

    We humans are sometimes our own worst enemies. I wish the best for your entire family, be safe and well. Hugs

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    • Yes indeed our worst enemy is us.

      Never did the x box thing, always been a PS nut. I’m sure glad to have had kids so I can have a good excuse to be the gaming sort. ๐Ÿ˜†

      The VR might not be the best resolution yet, it’s decent enough now, but once you are involved with the game, resolution isn’t an issue at all. Being swarmed by a zombie horde in 3D and shooting your way out is quite an experience.

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