I haven’t posted in a while. Been living under my rock where it’s peaceful and quiet. I venture out on your blogs when I have time and drop a comment, or leave a like. Thing is with the never ending shit show that is our government today, well it’s wearing on me. I want so bad to do the Homer Simpson Bart Strangle on Donald tRump I cant stand it.

Image result for homer simpson choking bart

I watch the news for 5 minutes and get pissed enough to look for something, ANYTHING, besides the Shit Show.

And just in from the Shit Show, tRump authorized his lap dog Barr, to investigate the investigation. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like the guy who has been screaming witch hunt for the last 2 years, is now going on… a Witch Hunt!

I sometimes feel like we’d be better off if an asteroid blasted us all into oblivion.

We have some D’s who can’t seem to decide if impeachment is what needs doing, we have others darn well intent on doing just that. But it seems like they want to uncover as much info as possible first, and I don’t disagree with that. Fact of the matter right now we only have one, count em one R, right now who would vote towards impeachment, even if our asshat in chief did shoot someone on Main Street. It’s rather amazing really that one R out of dozens in the House/Senate has the balls to say what everyone else can certainly see for themselves.

So it would be futile right now to impeach. We need more info, and the WH is doing everything in its power to stonewall everything they can. The courts so far have done the right thing and ordered a lot of stuff to be handed over. But as expected they have/will appeal. And it drags on…

Then we have several states now passing or attempting to pass anti abortion laws that will set us back into the stone age as far as womens rights goes. Just disgusting.

Yep, this looks better every day…

Image result for image of asteroid hitting earth

Hope all is well in your parts of the world, and I’ll try to get a Picture Day thingy going, I believe I have enough stuff for one. Till then y’all keep on keeping on, and just maybe we will get through all of this. Notwithstanding any wayward asteroids.



17 thoughts on “Disgusted

  1. I too am DISGUSTED! Disgusted primarily with the Repukes that REFUSE to look beyond their own political pocketbooks.

    As for impeachment … I’m with your assessment: So it would be futile right now to impeach. It’s fairly evident the action would get through the House, but if the action/trial was turned over in the Senate (like I think it would be), can you even IMAGINE what we’d have to put up with until the 2020 elections?!!? We think it’s bad now … !!! 😖

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    • 🙂 I’m all for impeachment, but if the Senate refuses to do the right thing, and R’s seem to be having issues with that, then it would be a hollow victory winning the house in an impeachment measure.

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  2. I think the asteroid thing is looking pretty good as well.

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  3. The current sitting President was not elected by the people, Americans. As all intelligent, reasonable Americans know Hillary Clinton received 2.87 million more popular votes from registered voters than candidate tRump, the Electoral College voted for the losing candidate. Therefore, this megalomaniac slithered into the White House because of one reason: the Electoral College (or Congress), which in 2016 was setup as such:

    The 2014 elections gave the Republicans control of the Senate (and control of both houses of Congress) for the first time since the 109th Congress. With 248 seats in the House of Representatives and 54 seats in the Senate, this Congress began with the largest Republican majority since the 71st Congress of 1929–1931.

    tRump does not represent the majority of Americans. Period. And hopefully in 2020 this will be demonstrated.

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    • If that slimy con man lasts that long we had better hope many more of us feel the same way.

      The entire system has been skewed in favor of R wins. Gerrymandering to the nth degree everywhere. To the point it would take a landslide victory to defeat a sitting R in many places. We need the landslide victory badly. Or the asteroid. I’d take either.

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  4. In a little more optimistic, although I avoid the news like the plague for my own peace of mind. In a couple of years this will all have been a bad memory—if we can present a good candidate, which I don’t see yet, so…asteroid it is! Maybe. I have a feeling someone will join the race we haven’t seen yet—that’s my damn hopeful side again. Hang it there buddy. It’ll all pass just like it always has—Jimoeba 1:7

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  5. If he is re elected, we are all toast! And this conservative right wing agenda is spreading outside of the US.

    All that plus climate change and possible more wars, does not bode well.

    And while not the majority are trump supporters, a 35/40% minority is sizable….and dangerous.

    Hope it’s a large asteroid 😜

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  6. I stopped “watching” the news quite some time ago. There were just a few news shows that were worth watching. I also pay no attention to anything the POTUS says. He does no actual work, he has no ideas of his own. He has no value at all. I do, however, pay attention to what his minions do. They are the real “doers” here (usually evil doers).

    A crisis on the horizon of quite large proportions is however unavoidable. When Trump and his “team” took over, the transition team of President Obama spent untold hours and a vast amount of money preparing briefing books for every department and subdepartment of the Executive branch. Not only were these shit-canned by the Trumperites, but Trump’s own transition program (created by Chris Christie) was likewise dumpstered (along with Christie). So, when a new President takes over, he will be met by Trmp officials who do not know how things were done before they took over, but also likely how things are done now (the level of disorganization is massive).

    It will take years to stabilize the chaos and recreate some sort of workable order. This was and is entirely caused by physical and intellectual laziness on the part of Mr. Trump and his minions.

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  7. I understand completely, and would agree with you, but it’s like a bad train wreck that I cannot seem to look away from. My blog is my venue for releasing my angst. The asteroid may not even be needed, for it seems we are doing a pretty good job at destroying the planet all by ourselves. Find something to smile about each day … it helps … a little, anyway.

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