Have You Seen This?

After some recent discussion about the effectiveness of Faux News turning otherwise normal people into stumbling zombies unable to think their way out of a paper bag, it got me to wondering. So I just did a search on ” has anyone investigated Fox News for using mind control techniques?” I found this, which I thought very interesting. It is from back in 2016, but still quite revelant.


My question now is, “why is this allowed to continue?” Just because they do weather and sports, does not mean they are doing news. They have been the hand of the far right propaganda campaign for years now, most of us know that. There needs to be established some sort of baseline of fact that is an acceptable format for reporting the news. Those unable to meet the standard get denied their opportunity to do news. What they are doing isn’t just wrong, IMO it is criminal.

Free speech is one thing, using speech in the deviously deceptive, and extraordinarily effective manner the Fox News propaganda machine does it, again, IMO is criminal.

…and I don’t mind taking the heat for the free speech thing. At some point free speech crosses a line. Fox News crossed the damn line.


EDIT: Oh! Here is another one, quite similar:



12 thoughts on “Have You Seen This?

  1. A lot of time those who are on these fox shows that give total propaganda when challenged will claim they are opinion shows. Then on the show they act and tell the viewers they are giving them the “real” news. They want to have it both ways. Recently Sean Hannity pulled this crap, Bill O’Reilly use to do this all the time. Hugs


  2. These techniques in the chart look like a religion playbook. One problem is these techniques are not illegal and until they are it’s only going to get worse. I’ve been reading up on some of this lately and the techniques need to be taught in schools so people know what’s being done to them. They try to get us roped in like a friggin revival 24/7.

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    • You are right. It is very much the religion/cult playbook.

      As much as I despise religion, I don’t feel like how they use their manipulation, is as bad as pretending you are a news organization that is “fair and balanced.” One of these things is on a personal level. The other is in the mainstream media flow. I feel like when religion uses these tactics it is despicable, but not criminal. Faux News is criminal.

      I agree, if we can’t do anything about how Faux News operates, we need to educate the public.

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  3. It is scary, is it not. I feel like Fox News should be required to air a “Surgeon Generals Warning” before each broadcast. “Warning, the following program has been shown to cause mental instability, blind loyalty to fascists, and extreme racism.”

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  4. They have been the hand of the far right propaganda campaign for years now

    And not they’ve become our leader’s (?) FAVORITE news station. Wow. They’re really moving up in the world.

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  5. Well, this post is certainly in line with my latest post, huh!? LOL

    Excellent info Shell, thank you!


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