What Have We Done To Deserve This?

Just step down already. Somebody impeach the bastard. Anything is better than this. We the people of this country ARE responsible for this atrocious president. I mean he got the vote. BUT, and this is a big but (no big butt jokes!) this slimy, devious, lying, narcissistic, petty little dictator wannabe, does NOT speak or act for all of us.

I apologize for the current state of my shithole country. There are good people here. This man, this administration, this Senate, this House, does not speak for or represent a great many of us. How we got here, and how can we fix this, I don’t really know. I just woke up one day and regretfully we had the Great Orange One as a president.

Just know that we all can’t be judged by Donald fucking Trump. No more than we can be judged for the color of our skin. No more than we can be judged for our our place of work, or the where we live. I promise you there are good people here. And it will take good people to fix the shithole we are in.

I just hope the good people will rise to the occaision.


24 thoughts on “What Have We Done To Deserve This?

  1. Me too. November elections can’t get here soon enough. There seems to be quite a lot of activism and grass root movements out there to fight this prick and his GOP lapdogs. I can’t take much more of this fucker.

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    • I can’t take much more either. Even the lies this S.O.B. tells are pathetic. Yet nothing changes. Same shithole shit toady as we had yesterday. And his lapdogs can’t get enough of it. Know why? Because they are laughing all the way to the bank.

      May the grass roots be enough to take these assholes out. $Amen$

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      • The lies truly are astonishing, like the one today about Obama moving the US embassy in London. It’s something so easy to fact check.

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        • I know! He tells these golly gee whiz banger lies that are so infantile. And none of the lapdogs say anything, they just keep smiling, keep misdirecting, and keep eating their goddamn Republican Scooby snacks. Being in control of the House, the Senate, and the White House, is catnip to them. They are so high on the power that they don’t give a shit. Anything goes and it’s fine by them.

          Every single R that is participating in this orgy, needs to be held accountable.

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          • I BRIEFLY (emphasis) watched Faux News the other night and what I kept hearing is constant criticism of the Democrats. IOW, anything that’s wrong with this country is all because of the Democrats. Heaven forbid they should look squarely at their “like, really smart” leader and see his failings! Oh no! It’s all those nasty Democrats.

            No wonder the “libtards” get a shellacking on FB and Twitter by the Deplorables. Their go-to news source has shown them the way.

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            • Us libtards have been doing a pretty good job lately of handing some of the shellacking right back to the repukelicans. The only way to truly smack ’em down, however, will be in the voting booth. The anti-repukelican momentum generated by tRump’s evil that is growing in our communities will hopefully come and bite these hateful bastards on their overly plump white asses.

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            • I think their mantra is “if you can’t conceivably blame Obama, blame the Democrats.”

              Or the libtards.

              You know…no one has conditioned me to be concerned with the alt right. Or The R’s in general. I can SEE for myself what is going on. And what is going on is a split right down the middle of the country, of the ignorant brainwashed masses, and those who can see what’s happening.

              I have learned to despise the R party not because I’ve been told to, but because I have been paying attention.

              The people who suck up the Faux News slop are being conditioned. They are being led by the damn nose, to hate liberals, Democrats, gays, and people who don’t look like you.

              Building your “news” empire arounf half truths, lies, propaganda, and using mind control techniques along the way should warrant some sort of investigation. Or at least a damn good expose’.

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  2. Maybe sin in your life? Hehe


  3. I agree with you, but what we are up against is trying to get older people to listen to something other than fox. Case in point, tonight Ron and I went out to eat at a Chinese buffet. While we were eating in came an older couple. The man talked non-stop the entire time they were there about how great tRump was, how unfair the democrats were to him, how dishonest the other news was to the republicans. He knew all this because he kept quoting Fox News to his wife, who agreed with everything he said. Several times I almost turned and corrected him on things that were simply wrong. A large part of his complaint was tRump said he never said “shithole countries” yet the democrats made it up and everyone knows they would lie just to make a good man like tRump look bad. Ron started to get a real stormy anger look in his eyes. Good for us they finished their meal and took off, the fine upstanding fox watching man never waited for his wife, he walked away while she slowly shuffled after him. I admit I felt pity for them. For he having to listen to that non-stop, for him being so clueless, mostly for my country that this is the group that managed to elect the current president when 3 million more people selected the losing candidate. Hugs

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    • Wow. If Faux News is your only source of ahem, news, I think you become some sort of FauX News zombie. Facts and truth bounce off of their heads like a bouncy ball off the pavement.

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    • I don’t think it will ever be possible to change the thinking of such people. It is in young people and minorities that our chance for change exists. We NEED to convince them to vote and to pay attention to how important they are when they vote in mass. The time of the ancient white blind bigot, who feels entitled to ‘Merica cause he’s, well, old and white, is coming to an end, and those people like the ones you’ve mentioned are trying their damnedest to ignore this. At this point, if one can look at tRump and think he’s a good dude, they’re lost. Put energy into lighting fires under the rumps of those who can be persuaded and I think we’ll be, eventually, OK. The Dems lying about tRump’s racial slur is insulting to my intelligence. Dick Durbin is my Senator. He is NOT lying about what tRump said. tRump is the liar, and ,by now, if one doesn’t see that, well, fuck them.

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      • I agree. However I do have one problem. Our son is going to be 26 soon. He is not registered to vote, and thinks voting is useless. He will not even talk about voting. Hates the whole idea of it. Nothing Ron or I have said get through to him. He hears us talk of the importance of voting and what is going on, yet he just ignores it. He has friends that feel the same. Few of the people he knows his age bother to vote. I don’t get it it. I can understand this way of thinking. I have tried to tell him that is letting others decide for him how things will be run, but again he doesn’t care. SO what do we do with people like that, they are as stubborn as fox viewers. Hugs


        • It’s sad. Luckily, many other young people seem to be ready to vote and fight, more than I’ve ever seen before. As for your son, I’d say to keep reminding him that it is because people don’t vote, that we have tRump. Those who didn’t vote are just as responsible as those who voted for him. He may not change, but a subtle, “thanks for not voting and letting this prick run our country and cause pain to millions” comment tossed his way whenever tRump does something awful would be, IMO, fair and just, and, perhaps, it may anger him enough to do something about it. Either way, I think it’s fair to remind him that his inaction is why we have what we have. And in that regard, he DID vote, and IS voting to allow this monster to continue destroying us like he is. πŸ™‚ To not vote is to vote, very strongly, for the government we have.

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          • You know I can’t argue that one bit. While Hillary was not an optimal candidate, all of the Bernie lovers, and hey I like Bernie too, but those that refused to vote at all because they were upset that Bernie did not get the nod, were essentially voting for Trump with their inaction. Or write in.

            I don’t know if rubbing their noses in it will help, but pointing it out couldn’t hurt. The reality of tRump is the same either way.

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            • No, I don’t think cruelly rubbing their noses in it will help, but a gentle reminder now and then is called for. If Hillary had won, those who wanted Bernie would have had every right to hold her feet to the fire and make her fight for the progressive values they, well, value. Who do they (Bernie progressives) think, I wonder, would have been more likely to listen to them with reason and concern, Hillary or tRump? I think they found out, the very hard way. We simply have to stop this bastard and the GOP. They are the closest thing to evil incarnate I have ever seen.


        • That’s a good question. I felt the same way for my 1st couple of election opportunities as a young man, but grew out of it. By 26 I had realized that my vote matters whether it was for a winner or a loser. At least I had made the effort in having my say.

          Have you tried the skillet upside the head technique? πŸ˜‰

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