Well I have watched the RNC and the DNC, taken some time to digest it all and have come to some conclusions.

Donald Trump is a God! Apparently. He can do anything and everything he wants to do, just by saying he can. That’s pretty damn impressive. I have never in my life seen such a narcissist that uses the word “I” as much a Herr Trump.

The entire RNC was pretty much dedicated to the derision of Hillary, a lot of wishful thinking, and a flaming narcissist with a god complex. If anyone actually believes Adolph Trump would do anything except line his (and others like him) pockets, they need their heads examined. Therefore many people need their heads examined.

The DNC was more or less dedicated to personalizing Hillary. There were plenty of jabs at Drumpf but most were class acts compared to chants of “Lock her up” from the RNC.  I found the DNC was significantly better presented overall with a much better tone. I walked away from the DNC with an appreciation for what politics could be. I walked away from the RNC completely disgusted, angry at the lies and personal attacks, and a renewed galvinization of the understanding that the R party is no longer in touch with reality.

Is Hillary the perfect candidate? No. But with her public office record she may be the most over qualified candidate for the office of president I have ever seen. I would have liked for Bernie to come out on top though, as I feel his ideas for changing what is screwed up in this country are good ideas with a lot of potential for positive change. But here we are, with a choice between an extremely wealthy asshole who made his millions with carefully planned bankruptcies, stiffing those who he owed money (that weren’t eliminated in the bankruptcies), and setting up a fake university to con desperate people of their savings. Or we have Hillary, an imperfect candidate to be sure, but in the entire history of politics in this country I don’t believe the choice between two candidates that in their own ways leave much to be desired, can be more clear.

I have no choice but to vote Hillary Clinton. I really feel like anyone that is not an ignorant beer swilling racist redneck has any choice but to vote Hillary Clinton. Despite that assumption, I fear this election will be closer than any rational minded person will be comfortable with. With that in mind I have been asking people I know if they plan on voting. If they say no I encourage them to get out and vote. I don’t try to persuade anyone as to who they should vote for. I do try to emphasize the importance of voting in this election.

So, are you going to vote?




15 thoughts on “Politics

  1. The oligarchs control our elections not by fixing the final outcome, but by selecting the candidates from which we must choose. we make it easy for them by having never elected other than a Republican or Democrat since both of those parties have been in existence.

    One way to break their control is to reject both of their candidates. Yes, there are differences between the two but not on issues that affect our own economic well-being. DNC conventioneers were threatened with expulsion if they raised “No TPP” signs, even though the TPP is not officially supported by HC or BS. Now, we are told that HC “may” be willing to sign the TPP if she is elected. I’m shocked, I tell you! The TPP is the biggest corporate giveaway in the history of mankind and I am shocked that HC and DT would sign it. (Hint: they wouldn’t be their parties candidates if they hadn’t been willing.)

    Until we reject the candidates selected by the oligarchs, we will continue to be as they used to say “sucking hind teat.”


    • I get you loud and clear. yet we are facing in my mind, one of the most important elections in history. Not that we should elect Hillary, but we need to see to it Trump does not get in office.

      There have been a few times in my history (that I can remember from childhood through today) that an independent has been mentionable, but yeah, they never gain the traction needed to become contenders. I would love to see an independent party that could produce a contender. I’d vote independent if they could get that far.


  2. My feelings are lined up with yours on this. Trump is not a respectable human being, let alone qualified to be President. I’ve issues with Hillary, but, being a person who’s dependent on Social Security and Medicare, two things I paid for for decades, I simply can not have a piece of shit like Trump and his Republican goons now take it away to provide yet even more tax cuts for their rich friends. Trump, to earn his money, did one thing most humans are not able to do: he was born into wealth. He then used bankruptcy laws to rape the tax payers with his ill-conceived money making schemes and got away with borrowing billions of dollars he now does not have to pay back. That’s about as weak and lazy as a person can be, and those voting for this pile of festering phlegm who can not see this deserve to have him piss all over them as he most certainly will if elected. I’d have rather had Bernie, too, but, he did help push the Democrats a tad bit more to the left, something that will NEVER happen with Trump. For that, I thank him, and I hope his movement stays alive. While not perfect, no one ever will be, Hillary is uniquely qualified to be President. Trump is not qualified for anything. He’s a spoiled rotten brat of a man-child who’s never in his life developed a single callus from that little thing the rest of us call work. Petulant, lazy, spoiled children need to be sent to their rooms and grounded for several weeks, not be handed to nuclear codes to the United States. $Amen$ Sorry for the rant, but I truly, deeply HATE Trump and all he and his uneducated minions stand for.

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  3. Trump and Putin have been buddies for some time apparently. That the Russians are responsible for hacking the Dems doesn’t surprise me. That Trump might have a hand in it wouldn’t surprise me either. That R voters will gloss this over and reconcile it with every other thing Trump has done will also not surprise me.


  4. *Sigh* Yes, I’ll be voting. And yes, I’ll be voting for Hillary. Not because I necessarily want to, but I would have to have a gun pointed at my head before I would vote for tRUmp … for all the reasons Jeff has said here and elsewhere.

    (Actually, the gun might be the faster way to go since he’ll probably put us into a nuclear war if elected.)

    When I think about him being elected, I can physically feel my chest tighten up. And when I hear people say they like him? I want to vomit all over them. Not for spite but out of fear they might actually have their way!


    • I think a gun pointed at me would be the only way I could ever vote for Trump. Even then I’d have to think about it.

      I have found Cimetidine to be great not only for heartburn, but helps calm that uneasy stomach one might get when considering the Trump elected.

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  5. My guess would be that we’ll see the most third party votes in any election in our history. We have two candidates that have higher unfavorable ratings than any other candidate imaginable.

    Ultimately I don’t think so many people voting third party is going to prevent Clinton from winning, because I’m sure just as many people are going to abandon Trump for Johnson as they will Clinton for Stein.

    My biggest worry is that with the way the DNC basically worked to screw Bernie over, they’ve essentially lost the progressive wing of the party and younger voters. That’s really going to hurt when we try to take back the senate.


    • I have voted 3rd party or independent in the past, even wrote in Mickey Mouse once. I don’t feel like I have the freedom to be quite so quaint in this election. Not electing Trump is as serious as a heart attack. Which means no frivolous voting for me. It has to be D party. Or Hillary, as she is the D candidate. I honestly feel like our lives might depend on it. Our country does without a doubt.

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  6. I’m voting. And I’m voting for Hillary. She’s not my ideal candidate, but I’d vote for a ham sandwich for president if it would keep Drumpf out of office.

    And what’s no less important – I vote in every election. Every single one. This one is important, but the state and local elections are where the right wing sneaks in a lot of their wingnuts, and those people may have more direct effect on our lives. Remember that biology textbooks for the whole country can be affected by the way Texas packed their School Board with fundamentalists. Everybody please vote in your local elections, every time!


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