Picture Day!

Well more of a lousy picture day, I keep saying I gotta get a better camera…

I get to do a lot of driving lately, about 5 hours a day, back and forth to where my wife works. As some of you who have been with me a while already know she has totaled two cars in the last 3 years, and for everyones sake, and the sake of our current car, I have been doing the driving. She is too valuable to our family to risk a third incident. It is hard to find a good one (wife that is), and despite her driving exploits she is a good one 🙂

Anyway first up for your viewing pleasure is this:

DSC02222 (2)

First thing that comes to my mind is, one of these things has empirical evidence of its existence. So I suppose really it depends on who you ask. Next, and the pic quality goes down from here sadly:


This one, to me sounds like a cheesy come on from a gay Hispanic guy. But again I suppose it depends on who you ask. Next:


I don’t know if you can make out the signage, but it says and I quote exactly as it is spelled “Chose This Day of Whom You Will Serve” You can’t make this shit up folks. I am almost afraid to try and envision what lies inside this abode. Last but not least:


Again too blurred to make out what this says, it was shot through the windshield with the aforementioned crappy camera, it says “I’m Lord of all.” Not sure if this refers to the driver or his invisible friend. Either way it is kinda creepy. These signs should give anyone who reads this blog an idea what it is like living below the Mason Dixon Line.

I will keep my eyes peeled for more signs and things of interest as time goes along.

50 thoughts on “Picture Day!

  1. My responses to the above posed questions: 1.) Without a doubt, D O G. 2.) Only if he sleeps in his own bed and pays for the room. 3.) I “chose” today to serve my master, pancakes. They were actually served to me, and were delicious. 4.) The car is the lord of all for obviously it has died and been resurrected many times since its birth in the early 70’s.


    • Are religious people as loyal to their gods as their dogs are to them? Somehow I really doubt it.

      I have to wonder if jesus would even sleep at at in after all the hoo ha at his birth. I’m sure that’s all he heard about growing up!

      I love pancakes. So simple to make from scratch, quick to make, and one of my favorite foods. I make great pancakes. I call them my “Heart Attack Pancakes” because they are so damn good, and it takes a bit of lard to keep them from sticking to my steel skillet. They are better in a steel skillet. Oh, the only thing better than pancakes is Bacon! …preferably with pancakes.

      You and Mak both saw the obvious 3rd alternative, the car. I feel silly now.


  2. “This one, to me sounds like a cheesy come on from a gay Hispanic guy.”



  3. If I had a dog, the answer would be dog, but now it is my wallet 😛
    No, I don’t run inns but if the Jesus is Mexican and can make pizza, we can talk about it.
    I will serve myself till I can find some other master
    The car must be the lord of all. I guess he has bought newer cars bit this old seems to outlive them all.


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