Story Of Kid Going To Heaven A Big Fat Lie

You guys and gals may have already heard of this.

All I can think of off the top of my head is, You are just now figuring that out?

With the whole of religion being a case of make believe gone haywire, is it any surprise this story is more of the same? Just more stuff for the believers to ignore, along with all that damned evidence they don’t seem to care for. Say isn’t there something or other in the bible about being a big fat liar?

14 thoughts on “Story Of Kid Going To Heaven A Big Fat Lie

    • I don’t think many like us were all too shocked. If anything I am shocked they admitted it. I guess the guilt trip became too much to handle and he just had to come clean.


      • After your post yesterday, I read several sources, including his mother’s blog post in April of 2013, to get a bigger picture of what went down. Apparently the kid fessed up about 2 years ago and told a pastor but the pastor told him to keep his trap shut as this story was a blessing to other people.

        The father was co-author, and apparently neither Alex or his mother, Beth, have received any money from the sale of the book. So, looks like daddy was profiting from this. Alex’s parents are divorced. Also, the kid, was only 6 at the time and had experienced severe brain trauma.

        Things are stinking but good. I suspect there will be more to come out of this story.


  1. Damn. And here I just ordered 60 copies to pass out to people. Why the nerve of some people!


  2. we heard and now I will have to sue, I bought the book to read about heaven, now am depressed to learn it was all a scam


    • Mak, I am not used to seeing sarcasm from you, so I am forced to believe you may actually have bought this book then?

      So now I’m a bit confused, if you really bought the book how awful was it? If this is sarcasm, well played. I’ll have to keep an eye on you then 🙂


  3. Good thing there’s still that “heaven is for real” kid or whatever (the one they made the movie with Greg Kinnear about). Christians of the world can still delude themselves!


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