Mind Control

I was reading one of my favorite Word Press blogs the other day (/waves @ Mak) and in the comments there was a post by a reader (/waves @ NeuronNotes) describing an encounter with a group of evangelicals using a mind control technique known as the “Voice Roll”

I hadn’t heard of this particular term so I looked it up. Turns out I do know what it is, I have seen it in action several times, I just did not know there was a term for it. The voice roll is speaking in a cadence, that is timed to the beat of the human heart. It effectively taps in to the human condition by somehow influencing our biological rhythms. This cadence has the power to put our minds into what is known as an alpha state, where we are more prone to suggestion, to the point of being brainwashed. 

I have often thought that religion uses brainwashing techniques, I could feel it in my bones. Now I know what they are doing, and how they do it. If you would like an education, click this link below. Be prepared to be blown away. This is I think something they would rather we did not know. The scary part is how successful these techniques are, and how mainstream they are becoming. Politicians, preachers, and the military have been using, and refining these techniques for ages. 

This is the best presentation of pretty much the same story I have seen in several places on the web after researching the topic. Enjoy:


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  1. Mak waves back to his friend.


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