Pedantic Pedant of the Day

For a long time now I have been seeing an example of what I’d call a quirky way of pronouncing a word. I have seen this often in the general population and recently quite a bit on television. What word you ask?

Jewelry. Now the way I pronounce this word is: jew-ull-ree. How I hear it said in a very large percentage of society is thus: jool-er-ee.

All I can say on the matter is…it bugs the shit out of me when I hear it said like that. Just look at the spelling, versus the pronunciation. Does the L come before the W? No, it does not. Does the L reside in between the E and the R? Why yes, yes it does. Does the word end in an RY? or an EE? Well whatayaknow it’s RY. When jewelry gets mispronounced, they don’t even bother with the W that should be in the pronunciation. 

I am done complaining now. At least for a couple of minutes.


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