Is it Over Now?

As you may recall, my wife totaled our car back on Jan 1. She is fine for the most part, but after having totaled 2 cars in the last 2.5 years she is a tad reluctant to drive. I don’t blame her. The first time, undoubtedly, she probably dozed off for a moment and crashed. She was working an hour away, one way, and after four days straight of 12 hours a day, the fifth trip got her. She was fine, car was not.

This time, we think, because we don’t know for sure, when you get hit in the face by an airbag it’s a lot like being sucker punched by Mike Tyson. Consequently she doesn’t remember much from either wreck. Anyway, we had just put new tires on the car a week before. She was on her way to work again, (only 20 minute drive now), when she wrecked this time. From what we can tell, the drivers side front tire for whatever reason looks as if it may have blown out. The wrecked car clearly showed the tire had become separated from the rim, still on the pavement, because the rim had taken a beating. if you have ever seen a rim that someone had driven on a flat you know what I mean. Steel rim on pavement leaves distinct evidence. Anyway the blowout pulled her @ 60 mph across the oncoming lane of traffic (fortunately the lane was clear) she hit the ditch and went a little ways before hitting an embankment that serves as a driveway to someones house. She hit this embankment and went airborne, landing on the already flat wheel and beat up rim, which turned the car 180 degrees to face back they way she was coming from. Damn.

Thanks to crumple zones, air bags, and pure luck she was able to walk away. 

Thus begins the process of dealing with insurance companies, towing companies, rental cars, and the exasperating search for a new car. We finally as of yesterday afternoon, got another car. Now all of that stuff doesn’t sound like it would be exhausting, but it is. I really can’t explain how it is, it just is. It is such a relief to finally be done with all of that crap. It is like having a huge weight lifted from my shoulders, maybe now, we can get back to what passes for normal around here.

We got a 2008 Nissan Altima. Our rental car was a 2013 Altima, and I absolutley fell in love with that car. We had actually worked out a deal on a 2009 Toyota Corrola, and were about to seal the deal, when we stopped in at the Nissan Dealership. They had this Altima, with a super pedigree, and they essentially made us the same exact deal on it that we had going for the Corrola. No brainer. The Altima even though being a year older, and having a few more miles on it just has so much going for it. More leg room in the back, which is important when your kids are almost as big as you. Smooooth on the road, I purposely hit some railroad tracks a little hard on the test drive, solid car. Hadn’t been smoked in, no cigarette burns or stench of tobacco. Gets 32 mpg highway (The corrola was 35 mpg) Brand new tires. Fresh oil change. Cetified Pre Owned car. Practically immaculate. 

Just knowing that this ordeal is done, a month later, I almost feel like I’m on a beach with a margarita. Now if the weather would improve, and I could just shake this persistant cough left over from the flu, I’d start feeling normal again. Is it spring yet?

2 thoughts on “Is it Over Now?

  1. This is all good news and glad she is well.
    Tell her your friend from the neck of woods sends his regards


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