Legion of Christ

I just read this article : http://bigstory.ap.org/article/pope-must-decide-what-do-disgraced-legion

To be honest I’ve never heard of the Legion of Christ (LoC), not being a Catlick, or a pie eyed, goofy grinned, religious type that finds prostrating themselves before their imaginary friend some kind of meaningful pastime… I have been quite aware of the sex abuse scandals that seem to afflict the Catholic institution though. You just about can’t avoid these stories since they are pretty steady in presenting themselves. Usually bi weekly or about once a month you will see another child raper priest hoisted by his lack of morality into the spotlight of Catholic fame. So it was with little surprise I saw this story today, this one goes a little deeper into the well of evil, this is about an entire organization apparently dedicated to the old guard, the sacred rights of pedophiles to do what they do, because well, their child raper priest that used to head of this LoC was so good at bringing in millions of dollars and lots of little kiddies to diddle, that they just can’t quite let his memory go, they still feel a reverence, a dedication to this fucking pervert.

It seems that the Pope has been aware of this LoC’s position, and appointed an overseer to help clean up this mess, but the old guard is slow to change, being more of a cult within a cult, that rather likes its perks, and and just can’t bring themselves to not look back nostalgically at the old days, and they way they like things run. Pretty disgusting. Pretty telling as well. At least some people are becoming disgusted with this kind of perverted leadership and are leaving the LoC. Which is a good start, just one step further…and they would be free. I know religion is probably as tough to get away from as tobacco or heroin, but I know it can be done. 

Rather than do a quote by quote attack on this, I just urge you to read it all at the link. if you have any stomach left for commenting afterwards, feel free.


2 thoughts on “Legion of Christ

  1. I trust that if you found it abhorrent, there is no need to upset stomach too.


    • Heh, it’s one of those kind of articles that make you want to throw a brick at your monitor. Sleazebags being sleazebaggish. Resisting the prompting from their own church to change their ways…because they like it the way it is.


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